Sagemcom Router Login-Find Default Username, Password, Login IP Address

Routers are the most essential device you must have to build your network at home or enterprise. It is responsible for internet services and thus it can also be referred to as ISP.You can enhance your network security through the advanced settings of this device.

Routers are the core of the network and you have to choose it wisely. Here is a complete guide about the Sagemcom router login. You can follow easy steps in the guide to achieve the security of the network and improvise the efficiency of the network.

Sagemcom Router Login

This article will brief you about the importance and procedure of changing the default username and password of the Sagemcom Router.  You can also refer the steps for resetting the updated settings with few steps.

Added tips help you enhance the router functions and usability for your network. Whenever you get stuck with the Sagemcom router, you can refer to the troubleshooting methods in this article to get through the issue.

All the internet traffic of your network goes through this device making its maintenance vital. You have to be extra careful with the router security to keep your internet service protected from the attackers.

Default IP for Sagemcom

How to Login to the Sagemcom Router?

You need a router’s IP address to login to its interface. It is very easy to find this IP address in simple steps. You can get this IP address in four alternative ways. Here is the best tried and tested method to know the IP address of the Sagemcom router. Check how to find the default gateway of your router.

You can connect web devices to the router which gives you the easiest platform to know the IP address. There is two most common IP address used in the Sagemcom router depending on its model. You can try these IP address which is as follows:

As you know the IP address of your router it is so simple to reach the web interface now. Follow the below steps and you are done.

  • Open the user interface of the router on your system.
  • You can see an URL field in this interface. Enter the IP address of the Sagemcom router here.
  • You will be directed to the login page of the router.
  • If you are doing this step for the first time, you need to use default login credentials printed on the router label. You can find this label sticker at the side or bottom of your model.
  • Enter these default username and password and click on the login button.

If the username and password are entered correctly, you will land on the router web interface.

How to Reset Sagemcom Router?

With some network issues, the router may stop working properly. You can try restarting the router to resolve minor network issues. When the router still doesn’t work as expected, you can try resetting the device.

The reset method deletes all the updates and sets the router to default factory configurations. You can get the help of this reset method when you want to undo all the updates or customizations.

You can carry out the reset method with quick and easy steps. Keeps note that resetting deletes all the firmware and updates stored in NVRAM of the device. Here are the easy steps to rest your Sagemcom router.

  • Find the reset button in your Sagemcom router model. It is a tiny button that usually places in a small hole. Such design protects the button from getting pressed by mistake.
  • You need a pointed tool to press this tiny button. You can use a pen or any pointed apparatus for this process.
  • Now power on the router first.
  • Press the reset button with the apparatus and hold it for 15 seconds.
  • You will see router blinking automatically.
  • You can now release the button and wait for the router to reboot.
  • All the updates and customization will get erasedand the factory setting will resume.

Change the Default Sagemcom Router Login Details

Sagemcom router has the default settings having predefined login credentials. It is simple and easy to change the default setting of the Sagemcom router. It is prescribed to change these settings for a protected system. You should be assured to choose a solid passcode for your router. Keep note of this secret password in a private and secure spot.

Default passwords pull in the attackers who can harm your system. You in this manner make a point to keep the password unique with the integration of alphabets, numbers, and unique characters. Here are the basic advances you need to follow to change the default settings of the Sagemcom router.

  • First of all, you have to perform Sagemcom Router login as explained above and gain access to its web interface.
  • You need to discover the settings tab designed on the side of the interface. Click on this tab and choose the system you are utilizing. You can pick the Wi-Fi if you are using a Wi-Fi network. Here you have to find User Network by looking down the page.
  • Here you can change the system name by picking the Network Name (SSID) text box. You have to enter the network name here.
  • To change the default password, you have to pick Custom Wi-Fi Network Password. You can keep any password according to your choice.

Useful Sagemcom Router Tips

Sagemcom router has a WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) button. This is useful in joining the Wifi network of the router. You simply need to press this WPS button for connection. Here are the simple instructions to set up your wifi network quickly.

  • Perform a login procedure and get access to the web interface of the Sagemcom Router.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi on both devices to join.
  • Click on the system you desire on the web interface i.e. Wi-Fi network.
  • You can see a tab named WPS. Enable the WPS which will turn it to ON mode.
  • Open the WPS mode and set up the pin code. You also have to enable the default push button.
  • Click on the Apply button to apply all the settings.
  • Now press the WPS button on the router to connect with your device.
  • You have to press the WPS button for 5 seconds to enable the pairing mode.

Sagemcom Router Troubleshooting

When you are unable to connect the device with the router through Wi-fi

  • Check if the router has Wi-fi enabled. You can check it with the indicator light. It should be green, if not, you need to enable it through settings.
  • Check whether the connecting device supports WPA2 encryption. If not, you have to change the encryption mode
  • You can check the SSID i.e. network name and password to be assured about the correct network.

If the internet has stopped working in Sagemcom router

  • First of all, assure your Wi-Fi connection is in ON mode. If not, you have to login to the web interface of the Sagemcom router and enable the wireless network.
  • Now restart your computer and then try to reconnect the device.
  • Check cable connections to the system and router.
  • You can tighten the coaxial cable connection to your modem. You have to be sure if the cable is not damaged. Check the metal pins which have to straight and in place.
  • Check that the ethernet cable is plugged correctly. One end of the cable is plugged in the WAN port of the router while the other has to be plugged in the modem.
  • Restart your modem with a two-minute interval and then toggle router power.

If your internet is too slow

  • You have to reboot your router which solves most of the network issues.
  • Check for the Wi-Fi band which has to be 2.4 GHz. There may be interference in your network with some devices like microwaves, baby monitors, and other electronic devices. You can change the router position.
  • Check the capability of your device to co-operate with the internet service.
  • Try operating the internet within 10 feet of the router.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

Q1. What are the essentials to login to the Sagemcom router?

You can login to the Sagemcom router with the three essentials.
i. The IP address of the router
ii. Username
iii. Password
You can follow simple login steps given above for successful access to the web interface of the router.

Q2. How can I update my password?

It is possible to change or update your password. You have to perform Sagemcom Router login and then update your password. Keep the new password strong and unique. Try to ignore already used passwords as hackers may guess it easily. You have to preserve your password in a secret place.


This article gives you all the needed information to use the Sagemcom router efficiently. Sagemcom router login procedure helps you perform the login process to configure and update your router for better safety. You can carry out the troubleshoots or contact the customer care help of the Sagemcom router.