10 Best Games Like Terraria Must Try in 2023

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game that has a plotline that rotates around crafting, mining, combat, and building. It comprises numerous creatures in a process-generated 2D environment. It has acclaimed positive reception from game players and a lot of praise given for its elements.

The gameplay of this game revolves around a procedurally generated environment. The player has to start with three basic elements or tools: a sword for combat, a pickaxe for digging, and an ax for cutting wood. While exploring caves, the players get many resources such as ores. A limited amount of mana points and health is given to the player at the time of starting. These can be increased by finding items throughout the game.

Some of the games like Terraria which are notably of identical or same experience gameplay approach are described below.

Top 10 Best Games Like Terraria in 2021

 #1. Echo Of The Wilds

Echo Of The Wilds

It is a game based on the storyline. It mainly features random wilderness survival skills. The gameplay is based on a forest, where you have to deduce the reason for your presence, before a specified time i.e. winter. Simultaneously, you have to learn survival skills and secrets lying in the woods to keep you safe from the bad forces. This game also enables you to gather different materials to build your equipment and gear. It also enables you to learn new skills and feed yourself. There are numerous places to discover in the game and approx. 225 items in the game to pack in your kitty.

#2. Planet Explorers

Planet Explorers

The gameplay of Planet Explorers enables the player to build walls, change the terrain, build complex structures, and many more. This game provides a lot of customization in the gameplay while saving and copying them. Players can create numerous objects which include armor, vehicles, and weapons with the materials and they can do this anywhere in the game world.

#3. Junk Jack

Junk Jack

Junk is a 2D sandbox game where the player has to collect materials and plan to explore and get through a random environment. The environment is filled with treasures and hidden material. This is also filled with biomes all over the crust and beneath the ground. The player can create their storyline based on their specific gameplay as it has no specific objectives like other sandbox games.

#4. StarboundMost Similar Game to Terraria


It takes place in a simulated two-dimensional universe where a player can collect different materials and collectibles. The materials include weapons and armor. A player can also visit towns and villages in different life forms. The same has to be collected in gameplay. The gameplay starts with a player who is inside a spacecraft. The earth has been destroyed. There are specific peacekeeping heroes, who save the galaxy from different problems. The player is also one of them. It enables us to get into different quests that are being driven by the storyline. It is also a sandbox-type game and has a total universe to play in. This is an interesting game that generates appeal to the player. Those who want to experience vast gameplay in these games can opt for this. This game is also like Terraria.

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#5. Crea


This game has numerous kinds of stuff to perform. You can level up by defeating the enemy. You can learn a different set of skills. Same as orthodox sandbox games the player has to construct their specific environment by getting different materials and collectibles. The collected materials can be upgraded further. There are various enemy bosses to get into combat with. The combat can be with different enemies.

#6. Planet Centauri

Planet Centauri

Planet Centauri is a game that is not fully complete but still can be played. The player can do all types of things such as crafting weapons, slaying monsters, etc. The main gameplay objective is to protect a native tribe from the bad people. This game enables the player to build a whole village and also give the role to the community people as wizards, security, blacksmiths, tailors, and many more.

#7. Portal Knights

Portal Knights

It is a survival game that includes role-playing also. It consists of exploration and constructing materials with the help of role-playing. It also enables us to fight monsters and simultaneously build anything. It enables the player to make items such as swords armor, weapons to smash blocks, and combating monsters respectively.

#8. Rising World

Rising World

This game is in its alpha stage till now. This game is also a sandbox-type game which is also randomly generated. This game is related to starting from scratch and then building massive cities and castles in the world, it is dependent upon creativity and imagination. In this game, you are provided with 200 pieces of materials which are for different chores such as building and modifying. This game enables us to use anything in the game. You can even play the guitar in this game.

#9. Minecraft – Games Like Terraria


Minecraft is a sandbox-type 2D game that allows the player to construct various blocks in a 3D procedural compiled environment. It needs the creativity of players. It consists of all other activities such as combat, crafting, and resource gathering, and also includes exploration. It also has multiple gameplay modes. It has a survival mode, which has to be played by acquiring different resources and also maintaining health. It also has a creative mode where players are not bound with limited resources.

#10. Craft The World

Craft The World

It is a game that is based on the oceans. This game is all about surviving an oceanic expedition in a dangerous ocean. You have to collect all the materials to expand the raft and simultaneously beware of the creatures in the ocean.

The player starts the game stuck on a small raft with no materials to use. The player has to survive the dangerous ocean by collecting resources and materials and building a bigger raft or home.

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Final Word

These are some of the games like Terraria. If you have had enough of playing Terraria, then try one of them. For a change and keeping the desire to play these sandbox games are preferable.