10 Best Oblivion Mods You Must Try in 2021[UPDATED]

In the last six years, one can see that people have worked very hard in order to come up with the best oblivion mods. Nowadays the market is filled with different types of mods that have the capability of turning a game into various directions. So here in this list, we will look into the most polished and the best made dedicated oblivion mods. The huge and epic fantasy world is filled with several quirky characters that everyone would love to play. The oblivion mods are used for incorporating richer, deeper, and replayable variety in the game.

10 Best Oblivion Mods

1. Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

This patch can be pretty essential if you are trying to get the Oblivion Nexus on your PC. This patch will help in fixing 1800 glitches and bugs starting from the floating rocks, animation glitches and many more. Moreover, one can also get various other types of patches for DLC along with extensions.


2. Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul

If you are opting for the regular oblivion, then the level will be increasing at a similar rate. It indicates that every battle that will be represented will provide you with the same challenges. With the help of these oblivion mods, one can completely change this setting and can assign different areas for different level caps. This oblivion mod is also incorporated with several small mods, and they have artificial intelligence tweaks which are adding some hundreds of new items and weapons into the game along with the balance alteration.


3. Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

With the help of this oblivion mod, one will be able to turn their enemies into gold, summon the Balrog and ride the magic carpet. With the help of this mod, one can easily add several magical abilities along with the new mounts and transformation power. One can easily retain their balance of the oblivion. With the help of the mod, one can add several unique and new spells.


4. Character Overhaul

Character Overhaul

Oblivion is definitely an ugly game and no one is denying that. There are many graphics of this game that are very outdated. Oblivion faces is one of the most highlighting parts of the problem. With the help of this one can easily eliminate it. With the help of this mod, one can easily enhance the faces of the characters of the game and it will enhance your oblivion experience.


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5. Script Extender

Script Extender

With the base gaming script there come certain restrictions that all gamers need to follow. So whenever you are playing the game there will be several modes that you will encounter during installation which will require the strip extender and it must work seamlessly. It will help you to install the mods easily and will also increase the mods capability. If you are looking for any type of mods that are ambitious in terms of scope and size then this is the perfect oblivion mode for you.


6. Stutter Remover

Stutter Remover

If your PC is showing any type of performance issue like frame rate that is uneven or stutters then with the help of this oblivion mod you can easily fix all your problems. If you playing any type of Bethesda’s game then you will definitely encounter some technical issues. So if your game is bringing a lot of faults then you should definitely use it for fixing the problem.


7. Oblivion XP

Oblivion XP

If you are not impressed with the levelling system of unique oblivion then you can definitely level up the things by simply performing it again and again and this is what this oblivion mode will help you to perform. It will help in changing the game balancing if you are someone who is not a fan of the default system of levelling. You will definitely find this Oblivion mode to be interesting.


8. Level Uncapper

Best Oblivion Mods

This is a very simple oblivion mod which will help in uncapping all the maximum level which will be allowed by the oblivion to the players when it comes to getting certain attributes and skills. In any type of skill, one will be able to only reach the level hundred. The cap of the mod will be changed to 200 if the weapons are damaged during hand to hand combat or any other type of alteration or destruction.


9. Martigen’s Monster Mod

Martigen's Monster Mod:

With the help of this Oblivion mode, one can add more than 150 enemies and features in order to make the game look more unique and fill it with a lot of varieties. It will make you explore different types of places because it is going to add some uniqueness. If you’re installing this mod along with other types of mods then the process will the painstaking.


10. Deadly Reflex

Best Oblivion Mods

Deadly Reflex is an Oblivion mod that will help in adding some new strategic depth to the combat of the oblivion and will also help in resisting the attack of the arsenal with the help of new maneuvers. When you are installing this oblivion mod then you can easily dodge several incoming attacks from the opponent and also finish them if you have an impale well-timed plan. The opponents will also have the same features but it will help in making all the fights more tense and tactical.


Choose Best Oblivion Mod

All the best oblivion mods that are described above are well planned and they have some unique features which make them different from one another. Setting them or installing them is pretty simple so you need to do is follow the instructions properly. It can completely change your gaming experience by adding new enemies and creatures and will provide you with a lot of things that you can explore while playing the game. It is also used by several gamers for finding the bugs.

When you are opting for the oblivion mods always take the one that will help in fixing the bugs and consider your purpose as the well. Most of oblivion mods are available for free so you won’t have to pay any extra charges in order to enjoy a smooth gaming performance.