15 Best Discord Bots to Make Server More Powerful and Efficient [Updated 2020]

We are living in the internet age where the growth of technology is very rapid and there are only a few things left that we are doing manually. For different types of requirements, there are different types of servers. With the servers, the entire task of managing it manually is very difficult and which is why most of the people are looking for discord bots that will help them to perform several works that will improve the overall performance and efficiency of the server.

These bots are not only helping the users but they are also helping several server owners which is why maximum people are taking the full advantages of the discord bots for several services. Discord bots are said to be very helpful for different types of users as they will help in easily moderating the server and can also complete several tedious tasks. It will make you have a very easy interaction with the users. There are many free discord bots as well.

Discord is one of the most powerful and famous voice apps or chats app that is available on the internet. It is basically used for making the server more powerful and efficient. There are several discord bots each having its own functionalities and benefits. It has gained humongous popularity within the gaming community. It has a very customizable and robust nature. It will help you in managing the server along with the blending of fun features. For added functionalities one can opt for paid discord bots.

15 Best Discord Bots Every Server Owner Should Try

1. Aethex

Aethex Discord bots

If you look from the user’s point of view, then this is one of the best discord bots till now. Here you will get a lot of functionalities and commands and if you are those users who like to make the things stay straight forward or try to stick with the single bot for the server then it is a great option and it will perform everything that is needed by you and your server. It does come with a huge list of functionalities and all the features can be distinguished in terms of social commands, motivation tools, game integration, utility commands and entertainment. By utilizing this moderation tool one will be able to kick, ban or mute the server. Starting from user searching to messaging, all the utility commands will help in simplifying these tasks. It also comes with several entertainment features and one can use it for image searching, dice rolling, coin flipping and many more. With the integration feature of this game, one can easily stay connected with online players and can join several games. All the audio files from the source will be lined up by using the music command of this discord bot. It will also help in creating levels, reputation and for assisting several server engagements.

2. TypicalBot

Discord Bots

TypicalBot is one of those best discord bots which comes with several moderation features and utility. It can easily work with several servers and Aethex as well and it will handle the servers and all the motivation tasks very efficiently. One will be able to set up the bot in a very easy manner and using multiple moderations at the same time is effortless. If you are thinking of accessing several moderation tools in this bot for joining messages, nickname logs, moderation of queues and logs, leaving/banning/joining and many more, then this is the perfect discord bot. The server is getting several flexibilities of sending warning, quick kicks or bans to all the users who are associated with this server. If you are looking forward to utilizing this discord bot for giving away or rewards then you can randomly get the feature of user picker as well. It also has several entertainment functionalities like rolling, quote command etc.

3. rh1no


If you’re looking for one of the perfect auto moderating and best discord bots then this is the perfect one for you. It will enable you to easily do all the hard work related to moderating in a very effortless manner. It will not take more than some minutes for setting up the moderating tool with the server and it will easily add the bot and will communicate with it with the help of messages. It also has the capability of managing several tasks like word filtering, chat command, user warning, kicking, banning and many more. If you are thinking of moderating the discord server than Rh1-No  discord bot is perfect for the task.

4. Serum League

Serum bots

If you are one of those users who wants to access different types of commands by utilizing the voice, then this is the perfect bot for you. It comes with several functionalities and the bot user will be able to input the commands by using their voice. If you look at any other discord bot then you will see that for typing any sort of command the player will have to minimize their game and enter the chat box, but with Serum you will get greater flexibility because the bot will listen to the commands given by the user automatically and it will do the task. It is one of the most beneficial points when it comes to opting for this bot according to the user’s review.

5. Discord Dungeons

Discord Bots

Discord Dungeons is very different if you have knowledge about any other bots as well because maximum users consider this to be the best one in the market. This discord bot will blend a lot of fun to the discord server. By using the app of discord it will allow the user and give them the permission to play the game of RPG dungeon. Apart from this, you will be able to access all the games and play by utilizing several desktop clients, mobile apps and discord website but you will need the server for staying connected. If you can collaborate with any other players who are also connected with the same server as yours then you will be able to purchase trade, fight and items with them.



If you are a streamer then it is one of the helpful discord bots for you. It will help in notifying all the people who are connected with the server so whenever you are going live on Beam, YouTube, or Twitch or any sort of live streaming places then it will quickly notify everyone. If you have any YouTube channel and it has got any new update or upload, then you can also notify everyone by using messages. The best part is any owner is having the flexibility of completely controlling this Couchbot. It will also help you to engage all the viewers with the help of Strawpoll commands. It is one of the most recommended bots for applications of live streaming or similar types of platforms.



If you are using any discord server, which is public then this is one of the best discord bots for you that will help in blocking different types of links like the auto kick or auto-ban. People consider it to be very useful against those users who are continuously posting offending materials. StahpDozads has been set up in such a way that no one can put any sort of offensive videos on YouTube and if they do then it will quickly remove it. It will also help in blocking the invitation links and it has been made specifically for the server owners who have a huge number of users.


Discord Bots

Every owner server requires the greater engagement of the users and it can be developed by using Tatsumaki. It will encourage all the users to easily sign in to the server of the owner and interact with all the users. They will get the scoring system and user profiles on the Global platform along with customizable profiles, chat management and many more systems. It has also integrated the Google search, RSS feet, 8 ball, Dice Roll, Reddit Threats and many more. Apart from being user-friendly it also comes with an outstanding interface.


Discord Bots

DueUtil is also popular for utilizing several functionalities for enhancing the engagement of the users. All the online players will be able to use the command for creating a weapon. It will also offer you the opportunity of profile customisation. Here the players will also get several awards and points depending on the active time on this discord bot and one can use these reward points later on for fighting with other types of players or gamble them.


Discord Bots

YAGPDB is a well-known discord bot for general purposes and it is quite helpful for the server owners. One can easily utilize all the tools that are provided by it for moderating and managing any server of large discord in an effortless manner. In comparison to other bots, this one is quite different and you are also getting several added benefits that will help you to access the control panel easily. It will enable you to easily get information without any hassle and one will be able to check the status of the server along with managing the moderation queues and setting of the auto-moderation.



GAwesome Bot is the perfect choice for those people who are looking forward to utilizing the multipurpose bot to the discord server. It is one of the most powerful and highly customizable bots and it is very efficient when it comes to the moderation of the chats and it will also bring several unique features that can also increase the user’s activity on the server. It has the capability of avoiding, banning or kicking the member’s rank and it is also used for giveaways, conduct polls or any other generating of sick memes and many more. One will get an extension system that will be robust and it is one of the highlights of opting for this bot. It will also enable you to check all the results from Wikipedia, Reddit, Google, YouTube and you are having the option of organising them in chat.



It is one of those primitive discord servers which most of us install whenever we are using any bot for the first time and it will also help you to upgrade the capabilities that it comes with. This bot is rich in terms of features and it will allow you to get the control over the features by utilizing the dedicated dashboard and it will also have the auto-moderation along with timed mutes, bans and Mod log, and many more.

In any community chat, one can also use it for detecting the mass mentioning or the raid spam. One can also utilize it for making any sort of announcements whenever someone is joining, banning, or leaving the server. It will also allow you to assign some rules to the users and also post some statuses on behalf of the user. By utilizing the Cleverbot integration you will be able to see Google results or check the overwatch stats along with streaming of music from YouTube.

13. MeMezBot


This is one of the best bots that you will ever come across if you are someone who loves spending time on rolling or chuckling over a quality meme with the discord community. It is the perfect platform where you will get some popular memes related to frog, cats, dogs, and any other commands which will help in spicing up the conversation. By utilizing the voice channel one will be able to share their random sounds or talk about their life.



If you are a user of discord server then you will definitely come across this bot as it is the favorite of many users. This package is a full-fledged bot that will lay emphasis on the productivity, chats, fun, and GIFs and everything that we list as significant in our life. It will play the extra HD without any hassle along with HiFi music. If you are someone who is a huge music junky then this is the perfect tool for the server. You will get several functionalities that will enable you to listen to several songs by typing several commands.



When it comes to setting up the profile for the gaming aliases you can easily use GameStats. It will help you to share all the stats of yours with your friends. Whether you are playing PUBG, Paragon, Xbox Live, World of Worships, Siege, etc. you will be able to check all the statistics by using this bot. The commands which are used in this discord are quite different so it will take some time to get adapted to it. It is very easy to create a profile and add a gaming account or play. Just type .gs accounts and one will be able to check whether all the accounts can be supported by this particular bot or not.

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Use These Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server in 2020

Now one can understand how discord bots can enhance their chatting experience and can enable them to utilize several functionalities when they are using the discord server. If you are currently holding any server or community then discord bots will help you immensely. So try to opt for the popular ones that will make you have all the best features that come with it.