10 Sites Like Project Free TV for Watching Movies in 2023

Gone are the days when you streamed movies and series on the Project Free TV site. It was unbearably convenient and comfortable to switch to Project-free TV and watch movies anywhere and anytime. However, due to its shutdown, people are rigorously switching to other free streaming websites that look convenient, but that’s an illusion!

Sites with the same name try to allure most of the users and unfortunately, they are stuck in a loop of never-ending sponsor advertisements. The websites allow the ads to take over, subsequently spoiling the overall experience of the viewers. However, there are few viewers who want to stick to these websites, for such loyal customers we recommend ad blockers; they hardly cost you anything and bring you a refreshing experience of watching free movies.

Best Alternatives to Project Free TV

Nonetheless, we want to introduce you to a few alternate streaming sites and applications to Project Free TV, lest you want high quality and an ad-free experience on your mobile phones or laptops. Without much ado, let’s move forward.

Alternatives Project Free TV

Underestimating the fact that watching pop-up advertisements is annoying while streaming movies and shows, is akin to testing your patience while waiting for your order in a restaurant. 

There are several applications that allow you to stream movies and series without having to watch advertisements. Free Streaming without ads is a blessing for people who thrive on a healthy diet of movies and series. However, it is a peculiar thing for people these days to go for free movie streaming applications and sites without thinking about low-quality streaming, for it exploits the experience of watching movies online. Hence, we will be sharing a few applications that provide paid services and others that don’t, but yet give you a high-quality resolution experience.

Paid Streaming Sites Alternatives to Project Free TV

1. Netflix


Netflix is the perfect replacement for Project Free TV. It is one of those streaming sites that give you a hundred percent entertainment at a minimal cost. Netflix does not run on paid advertisements or sponsors, it creates its original fresh content. In addition to that, it also offers your regular cable TV shows and episodes. With a simple monthly payment, you can easily access hundreds of thousands of shows in an instant. 

Netflix is known for its varied content in different languages including English, Hindi, and Korean. It has some of the old best running shows like Friends, Bo Jack Horseman, Doctors and many more. Besides, old shows, it also has a few original shows and movies including Vagabond, Stranger Things, You, The Witcher, Ghost Stories, Lost in Space, and many more to count. 

Entertaining yourself on Netflix is quite simple, you just have to on its website, explore the shows available for you, create an account, enter your account details, select a subscription plan and you are good to go. It gives a one-month free trial where you can simply explore its features and get lost in the world of Netflix.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a movie streaming application that is no less than perfection. It, according to your past movie-watching experience, curates a fresh new list of series or movies you’ll love to watch. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime not only offers you fresh entertaining content but also allows you to purchase things online and get them delivered to your doorstep in a day or so. Hence, making your life easier. 

Although Amazon Prime is a new application and is still trying to cope with the market’s trend, it definitely has some amazing original content like Four More Shots, Made in Heaven, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, Patriot, Good Omens, The Man in the High Castle and many more to watch. Apart from the original content, Amazon Prime allows you to explore the site for old movies and series like Supernatural, Mozart in the Jungle, You Are Wanted, Bosch, 2 Brook Girls, etc. 

It is very simple to use Amazon Prime services – you can buy their monthly or annual subscription, avail new offers like free shipping of products, and special student discounts with which you can also avail of 6 month’ free trial period of Amazon Prime. Besides, you can also get a free Kindle subscription and read as many books as you want for free via Kindle Unlimited.

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3. Viu


It is a bit hard to find movies and series from different countries streaming in yours. Hence, Viu is a very subtle way introduces to various oriental movies and shows without having you download them illegally and sacrificing their resolution or quality. 

Viu, despite being a fair version of Project Free TV, offers you entertainment in several countries including the USA, UK, Japan, India, and Australia. Isn’t it amazing that you can easily switch to different country’s content without having to pay extra? Besides, it also broadens your perspective by offering you valuable content from around the world. 

Viu follows a simple yet extraordinary format for searching movies and series from their library online. So, free for premium subscribers can simply go to the library and enjoy great entertainment content for free. However, to avail of premium features, you have to buy their monthly or annual subscription. Nonetheless, if you want to use it for free, you can do that as well!

4. Hulu


Hulu is yet another movie streaming website that fills your life with new content every day. Hulu has an amazing plethora of movies and series international and national. You can easily subscribe to Hulu and enjoy ad-free streaming services annually and monthly, as you please. It is a great alternative to Project Free TV. The content varies from movies, series, and much more. 

The content can be accessed by your own personal account which can be created from the website itself. Choose the list of genres you prefer the most and enjoy an especially curated list on your mobile phone and television set. 

5. Tubi Tv

Tubi TV

Tubi TV, unlike other applications, does not ask for any subscription fee or monthly installments, it requires you to make an account online and enjoy thousands of movies and series online for free. It is just the right substitute for Project Free TV, however, it does show you advertisements in between the streaming causing a small break. 

Tubi TV is easily available for OS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, PlayStation, the Web, and Apple TV. Tubi TV is currently not available to European users due to the law change in the EU. 

To securely register yourself into Tubi TV, you need to sign up on the website. It will ask you for a confirmation via email. Once the verification is done, you are good to go.

6. Crackle


Crackle like other movie streaming applications allows you to enjoy varied movies and series. There is a curated list of the old and new movies and TV series listed on the website. You can easily access what we call free TV streaming anywhere and anytime. Crackle, unlike other streaming apps, also has a list of anime that gives it an upper hand. It is very easy to access Crackle on your laptop, computer, mobile, or television set, just sign up on the website and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. Unfortunately, Crackle isn’t available for Indian users currently. 

7. Hooq


Hooq is actually an amazing entertainment website that allows you to stream unlimited content in one go. Hooq, unlike other streaming applications, offers you several pop-up boxes including popular rentals, all movies, Blockbuster specials, Action and adventure, Top downloads, Movie box sets, all series, Sci-fi and Fantasy, and many more to count. Pop-ups are designed especially for your taste and streaming history.

8. HBO Now


HBO Now is yet another great substitute for Project Free TV. It not only allows you access to its plethora of movies and TV series but also shows you exclusive shows that are not available on any other streaming application. Just like any other streaming app, HBO Now demands you to sign up and verify your email ID. It needs you to subscribe monthly or annually to enjoy advertisement-free streaming anywhere and anytime. Apart from this, it allows you to download shows and movies for traveling purposes as well. However, the sad part is that HBO Now is not available in many countries including India.

9. Iflix


As a substitute to Project Free TV, Iflix gets you an amazing list of different genres of movies and series in a minimal amount. Specifically for Southeast Asian users, Iflix makes available all the shows that are not available in their countries like Game of Thrones, friends, and many more. Once you start watching movies and shows regularly on Iflix, it curates a list of movies and shows for you to stream anywhere and anytime.

10. Vudu


Vudu is the best option you can get for downloading the newest series and movies available on the site. Just registering online and verifying your email ID is enough. You can find the download button on the top of every series and movie; without having to wait for the internet to browse, you can simply go to downloads and watch uninterrupted streaming anywhere and anytime.

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Free Streaming Sites Alternative To Project Free TV

Users who are desperately looking for something great, but for free can benefit from this part of the article. Undoubtedly streaming on free applications can be painful; however, it is indisputable that they can provide you with some of the newest shows and movies available online. Let’s see what we have in our magic box. 

1.YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium

It is indisputable that YouTube is one of the best streaming sites available around the world. It gives you access to several videos, movies, series, and exclusively designed videos for YouTube. YouTube is, of course, free but it also offers premium options for people who are ready to spend a small amount on their entertainment. With premium, users can enjoy ad-free streaming. Apart from that, you can also get access to movies and shows which, in the past, you had to rent or buy online.

2. Pluto Tv

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is definitely an alternative to Project Free TV but with distinguished features. It does not allow you to select a movie or series to stream, it first demands you to select a channel to opt for and then select a show or movie available in it. It’s quite a different concept, but a good one, for you, can easily stream hundreds of thousands of series that are only available on that one site. Hence, reducing your effort to search for that one series, gives you an option to choose the channel and enjoy series and movies without any interruption

3. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is one of those streaming sites which do not need any subscription or premium addition to watch high-rated movies or series. SnagFilms incepted in 2008, has approximately 50,000 streaming content. Without any subscription, you can easily find any film or show on the website or application. It entertains original documentaries and short films to be showcased to the world without any charges for the director or producer. Isn’t it great!

4. Vimeo


Apart from allowing users to watch interesting, unique shows and movies in HD quality, Vimeo also allows its users to upload videos for free. It was one of the first sites that started this trend in the market. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo does not ask you to pay any subscription fee or earn a particular amount for the views or lies, it just gives an easy platform to showcase your talent, be it graphic designing, acting, singing, video editing, and something different; it supports your dreams at no cost.

5. Asian Crush

Asian Crush

Nowadays, it is very normal to find pop, Anime, and drama fans around the world. It is important for every culture to broaden their perspective and enjoy the entertainment available in the world around them. Asian Crush is one of those sites that encourage users to stream Korean drama, Japanese Anime, and much more for free of cost. It includes titles like Korean thrillers, Martial arts movies, Korean dramas, Asian Action movies, and much more. So now what you are waiting for, just click on the like and enjoy endless streaming for free of cost. 


Fake or real, every website or application has its own perks and cons. Whether it’s Project Free TV or Netflix, you’ll always find great content to stream in your leisure time. So download new applications, stream fresh content, and enjoy!