10 Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming in 2023

To enjoy the game together with your partners you will need an internet connection or you will have to create a local server with any router for playing the game. If you are a gamer then you will know what is Hamachi. It is the Virtual LAN Creator that will allow a person to play the games with their friends, even if they are at a distance. It is true that Hamachi has been providing a lot of functionalities, but recently it is lacking a lot in terms of efficiency.

The major drawback of using Hamachi is it will not permit more than 5 people to connect to the server and it keeps on showing the pinging problem whenever the server is getting port forwarded. Latency spikes and other lagging issues are some of the major reasons why people are shifting to other alternatives for experiencing a smooth gaming session. So the tool Hamachi is used not nowadays by maximum players and they are looking for alternatives. 

Whenever we use any alternatives we will look for security along with reliability and only a network that has minimum fluctuations is the right choice. So here is a list of the top 10 best Hamachi alternatives that you can definitely utilize and enjoy a smooth gaming section along with other added functionalities.

Best LogMeIn Hamachi Alternatives

#1. Zero Tier:


This is one of the best Hamachi alternatives and it will help you create your virtual LAN without any complication. It is popular because it provides great functionalities and will work on several operating systems like iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, and Windows. It has a simple user interface and port forwarding is not a heavy task if you use this software. 

It will provide you with decent customer support since it is open-source software and it also provides other functionalities like VPN, SDN, and SD-WAN. It has been dominating the other Hamachi alternatives because of its cool features.

Download (Free, Basic Plan – $29/month, Professional Plan – $100/month)

#2. Evolve:


Note: Evolve was put to sleep permanently on November 11, 2018, and Evolve is now a part of the player.me

Evolve has been developed by LAN party gaming. According to numerous gamers, this is one of the best Hamachi alternatives. It uses several system connectors which will work with the drivers for the consistent interchanges. It will allow matchmaking mode or gathering mode. In order to facilitate proper communication, it is using tunnel drivers along with network adaptors.

Using the provided client, one can easily voice or text chat with all the other users while playing the game. The overlay is rich in features and it offers live streaming to several mainstream platforms.

Download (Free, Party+ $4.99/month)

#3. GameRanger:


If you’re looking for trustworthy gaming on LAN then Game Ranger is the right one for you. It offers a lot of functionalities and it offers stability and security which cannot be compared with any other prevailing alternatives of Hamachi. It uses several drivers for utilizing LAN gaming and it will accomplish it by using the client. It offers high security and low pings. It will only work smoothly with all the supported games mentioned on the list. It is much stronger than any other LAN software.

Download (Free, Silver Membership – $19.95/year, Gold Membership – $39.95/year)

#4. NetOverNet:


If you are looking for any simple but effective LogMeIn Hamachi Alternatives, then NetOverNet is the right one. This VPN emulator has been used for several gaming sessions in the private field. It can connect to multiple PCs and provide people with a separate password and login.

If you are using a paid plan, then you will be able to connect with about 16 users. One can also use it to get access to several remote computers that are on the virtual network. It will help in data sharing among the client. So if you are hosting any private sessions of gaming then this is a perfect choice as it is powerful but has a very simple outlook.

Download (Free, Base – $5/month, Advanced – $10/month)

#5. Radmin VPN:


Radmin VPN is one of the popular Hamachi alternatives as it offers a secure connection along with a decent user interface. It will not create any sort of issues but will ensure high speed that can reach up to 100 Mbps. It will promote a healthy experience of gaming and will allow you to connect with a decent number of clients.

One can easily set up and use the Radmin VPN. It will help you to create a virtual VPN and it utilizes encryption for keeping the connection and privacy safe. So whether you are a home tech or any IT professional, it will be very easy for you to use this free software. It has no limitation on the count of the gamers and because of the speed, you won’t be able to realize that you are not playing it using LAN.

Download (Free)

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#6. SoftEther:


Software Ethernet is the full form of SoftEther and is one of the easiest and the powerful VPN software. It is supporting several platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, Solaris, and FreeBSD. It has a firewall that is highly restricted and it has strong encryption for protecting privacy. It is one of the favorite VPN solutions and it is also free to use. It will improve your gaming sessions on the virtual hosting and it is a multi-protocol, cross-platform, and open-source, VPN client.

It offers optimized performance as it uses the frame of full ethernet along with the parallel transmission, and clustering and also reduces the operations of memory copy. It will help in reducing the latency that is normally associated with VPN connections.

Download (Free)

#7. P2P VPN:


P2P VPN comes with an easy design and is completely secured with an impressive user interface. It is one of the popular places for playing several games and it has a single developer behind its development. This software has been written in the Java language and it is open-source. It is true that it does not come with a lot of functionalities, but its efficiency has made it stand on the list. 

As the main developer of this software is not currently working on the software one needs to solve the bug on their own. Since it is a free alternative you can definitely try it out. It will effectively create a VPN and it will not require any central server.

Download (Free)

#8. Port Forwarding:


Port forwarding is considered to be one of the difficult alternatives of Hamachi when it comes to creating any virtual LAN. People still prefer Port Forwarding as it is an effective software that helps to play virtual LAN games smoothly. The speed that is offered by Port Forwarding cannot be matched by any other alternatives of Hamachi, but it also brings difficulty when it comes to setting up the Port Forwarding for every game. It won’t cost you anything, so one can definitely try out this option. 

It will allow unlimited numbers of users to easily connect to the system. It is an effective method of stimulating the virtual LAN for multiplayer gaming. Depending on different routers the process of Port Forwarding will depend as many manufacturers will also offer the solution of providing firmware with the Port Forwarding.

Download ($39.95/year)

#9. FreeLAN:


If you are looking for the generic creator of VPN then Free LAN is what you need. It is quite a simple and famous application that is used for creating a virtual private network it is open-source and one can customize it for creating the network by utilizing several topologies such as hybrid, peer-to-peer, or client-server. The community who is working behind this software is always active so you can get the support whenever you want. It will help the games to run smoothly without causing any lag or any ping spikes.

It does not offer any GUI and one will have to edit the configurations manually in order to make the application run in an efficient manner.

Download (Free)

#10. Wippien:


If you are someone who avoids installing huge bloat that is unnecessary and reduces the efficiency of the system, then Wippien is the right alternative for you. It will establish a P2P connection with all the clients that are available for establishing the VPN. It is an open-source network that is free to use. The size of this application is 2 MB which is very small and you can easily register it by using your Jabber or Gmail account. One will not be able to use any other services of email for registration.

Download (Free)

Final Words

It is true that Hamachi has been ruling this field for a very long time and has a huge user base. The service has recently faced a major drop because of the ping spikes along with the limitation of five persons which are forcing the users to look for other alternatives. All these alternatives of Hamachi will allow you to enjoy all the multiplayer gaming. All these names that are mentioned above are reliable and stable options. All the minute information related to the alternatives is discussed in detail in the above section. Always weigh the pros and cons of every Hamachi alternative before switching to anyone.

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