IP – Default Admin & Login Password in 2023

The address is the basic need to establish communication. As the postal address identifies your home, each system in the network is identified with the IP address. An IP address is a unique combination of four sets of numbers. There are two types of IP addresses private and public.

The public IP address of the system is available to all networks whereas private IP addresses can be recognized in the home network only. A private address is always fixed whereas a device is assigned with a new public IP address each time it connects with the internet.

To log in at your router with IP: is the router IP address popular in most of the router manufacturers. This IP address is used to access the administrative panel of the router. Some of the top router manufacturers using the IP address include Motorola, Lenovo, Ubee, Askey, Arris, ZyXEL, SmartRG, Netronix, Planet, and Ambit Microsystem.

The IP address helps you access the admin panel of your router where you can make changes in the router settings. Here you can also manage username and password to enhance the security of your network. It also allows you to change DNS settings. Updating this configuration keeps your network safe from hackers.

Default Admin & Login Password For

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You need the IP address to log in to the web interface of your router. You must know your router IP address before starting the login process. It is simple to find the IP address of your router with below easy steps.

First Find Router’s IP Address

  1. You can find the default IP address of any model of various brands of routers on the internet. It is the first method to go online and search the IP address of your router model. You will come across a list of IP addresses and you have to select the one that belongs to your router model. 
  2. If you own a Windows system, you can find out the default IP address of your router through your computer. You have to the user command prompt or network settings from the control panel to know the IP address of your router. You will get an IP address with the title default gateway. 
  3. If you have a MAC system you have to use utility tools to find out the default IP address of your router. You will get a router IP address in the tab named System Preference.
  4. If you have a mobile device and want to access your router through it, you first have to connect to the Wi-Fi connection of the router. Once connected you can check the advanced properties of the connection to get information about the router IP address.

Connect with your Router

Once you find the IP address of your router you can start the login process with the browser. You first have to open a web browser in your system. Now type the IP address in the URL bar of your browser and press enter key. You have to be sure about entering the correct IP address of your router. 

If you come across an error after entering the IP address there is a chance that you mistyped IP address. It will be easier if you copy the IP address and press it into the browser. Once you press enter key you will be redirected to the login page of the router. Commonly we can say that directs you to the login page of your router.

You have to find the default username and password of your model. You can get this default username and password from the user manual or sticker on the router’s rear part. Enter these login credentials correctly and click on the login button. If you have changed default credentials you have to enter the updated one.

Check: Choose a Strong Password & Defend Your Network

It is advised to change the default username and password for network security reasons. Once you change the default username and password to unique and complex phrases, make sure that the credentials are secure with you.

You must key the username of the router not known to anyone. Password has to be a minimum of eight characters long. It is recommended to compose a password with a combination of characters, numbers, and special symbols. You have to keep a note of the updated password in a private place for further reference.

The IP Conflict is so popular IP address used by router manufacturers as discussed before. You may have more than one router at a time having the same default IP address. If such a scenario happens, you will face conflict in the login process.

When you enter the IP address to access the admin panel of your router, the browser may get confused in the router and process the login page of another router than expected. Sometimes you cannot access any of the routers when there is a conflict in the IP addresses.

You can assign a static IP address to each of your routers. These IP addresses will be unique and different from each other. Such settings help you avoid IP address conflict. These static IP addresses are private and unknown to hackers which increases the security of your router. Entering these static IP addresses will direct you to the web interface of the router you want.

Common Troubleshooting of Router

When you get error ‘ERR_CONNECTION_TIME_OUT’ you will come across this error when you enter site i.e. unreachable. Whenever you find this error you have to take the below steps. 

1. Check your Network Connection

You have to check for the power supply to the router to ensure that all cables are linked properly. You also have to check if the internet service working properly. 

2. Check for the Firewall Setups

A firewall restricts some of the sites for security purposes. You have to check whether the intended site is blocked by the firewall. You need to unblock it and try again to access it.

3. Browse through the below possible reasons when the site is Unreachable

  • You entered the wrong IP address or the IP address other than the default one.
  • The router is not working or switch off.
  • LAN cable of your router has got disconnected.
  • Wi-Fi connection or the LAN connection has disabled status. 
  • The LAN connection has malfunctioned.

When you Forget the Login Credentials

When you are unable to remember your login credentials you can try possible username and passwords of your router. If you steel cant find out the correct credentials, you have to reset your router. Keep note that resetting your router will erase all your settings and updates. You just have to follow the below steps to reset your router to default settings. 

  • Find a sharp pointed tool to press the reset button
  • Look for the reset button on the router usually design on the side part.
  • Press the reset button with the sharp tool and hold it for 30 seconds.
  • Wait for the router to reboot and restart automatically. 
  • Router indicators will indicate when the router is ready to use.
  • Enter default login credentials to log in.

Conclusion on IP IP address is common and most popular among the trusted router brands. You can take reference from this guide to use this IP address of your router and access the administrative settings. You can enhance the security of your network through settings. Troubleshooting methods can help you get read-off issues while accessing the network.

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