IP – Default Admin & Login Password in 2023

While using network services you may have to face issues with its setting. These settings can be handled through the web interface of the router. This administrative console of the router can be reached by entering the default IP address of the router.

The IP address is the set of numbers separated by the dots that locate devices in the network. IP addresses play a vital role in communication within the network and on the internet. is such an IP address that is used as a default router IP address for well-known manufacturing brands.

You have to ensure that your router has a default IP address of and follow this guide to make the best of your internet service. You will get complete information about the troubleshooting method to resolve network issues of your router. You can also follow the steps to reset your router given in this article.

How to Find Out the Default IP Address of Your Router

Each router has a different IP address which acts as an identifier for it. It is very easy to find out the IP address of your router with simple steps. Here is the step-by-step guide for Windows and MACOS users.

You can discover the default IP address of any model of different brands of routers on the web. It is the main technique to go on the web and search the IP address of your router model. You can refer to the list of available IP addresses and choose your router model.

If you own a Windows system, you can discover the default IP address of your router through your PC. Open the Command prompt and type the command ipconfig. You will get the default IP address of your router with the title default gateway address.

If you have a MAC framework you need to utilize utility to discover the default IP address of your router. You will get a router IP address in the tab named System Preference.

If you have a cell phone and need to know your router IP address through it, you initially need to interface your device with the Wi-Fi network. When associated you can check the advanced properties of the network and find out the router IP address.

Default Admin & Login Password For


Router Login Steps

When you discover the IP address of your router you can begin the login procedure. You initially need to open an internet browser in your system. Now type the IP address in the URL bar of your browser program and press enter key. You must check whether you are entering the right IP address of your router. 

If you face any kind of error after entering the IP address in the address bar of your browser, it is most of the time an issue of mistyping. It will be simpler if you copy the IP address and paste it into the program. When you press enter key you will be diverted to the login page of the router. We can say that guides you to the login page of your router.

You need to discover the default username and password of your model. You can get this default username and password from the user manual or sticker on the router’s back part. Enter these login details accurately and click on the login button. If you have changed the default credentials you need to enter the refreshed one.

It is encouraged to change the default username and secret word for security reasons. When you change the default username and secret word to a unique and complex combination, ensure that the details are secure with you. 

You should keep the username of the router not known to anybody. The password must be at least eight characters in length. It is prescribed to make a password with a mix of characters, numbers, and unique symbols. You need to keep a note of the refreshed password at a private spot for future reference.

Change the Default Username and Password

The router is set with a default username and password when you unbox it. It is recommended to update these login credentials with complex and unique phrases. Keeping default login details makes it easy for the attackers to harm your network. 

Default login credentials are easily available and hence attract hackers. These hackers may attack your network to steal your information. They may alter your network for their purpose. Thus it is very necessary to take all measures for the security of your network. 

To enhance the security of your network it is advised to change the default router settings and customize them according to the purpose. It is very easy to update the default settings of the router as follows. 

  1. Open your browser on the desktop 
  2. Type the default IP address of your router in the address bar.
  3. This IP address directs you to the login page of your router.
  4. Enter the default username and password on the login page and press enter.
  5. You will get access to the web interface of the router where you can update settings for network security.


a) When you get error ‘ERR_CONNECTION_TIME_OUT’, you may have issues with the site you entered is now available. At whatever point you discover this error you need to make the beneath suggestions.

1. Check your System Connection

You need to check for the flexibility of the router to guarantee that all links are connected appropriately. You additionally need to check if the network access working appropriately. 

2. Check for the Firewall Arrangements

A firewall confines some of the destination websites for security purposes. You need to check whether the proposed site is obstructed by the firewall. You have to unblock it and attempt again to get to it. 

3. Browse through the underneath Potential Reasons when the site is inaccessible. 

  • You entered an inappropriate IP address or the IP address other than the default one.
  • The router isn’t working or router off. 
  • The LAN link of your router has detached. 
  • Wi-Fi association or the LAN association has incapacitated status. 
  • The LAN association has broken down.

b) When you Overlook the Login Credential

At the point when you can’t recollect your login details you can attempt conceivable username and passwords of your router. On the off chance that you still cannot discover the right credentials, you need to reset your router. Keep note that resetting your router will eradicate your settings and updates. You simply need to follow the beneath steps to reset your router to default settings.

  • Find a sharp guided device toward press the reset button 
  • Look for the reset button on the router usually designed on the sidebar secure within a tiny hole. This design keeps the reset button protected from getting pressed without intention. 
  • Press the reset button with the sharp instrument and hold it for 30 seconds. 
  • Wait for the router to reboot and restart naturally. 
  • Router markers will show when the router is prepared to utilize. 
  • Enter default login credentials to sign in.

c) When your System is Unable to Reach

When you are unable to reach, it is a very common issue while accessing the network through the router. It is all because you entered the wrong IP address of the router. You need to make sure that your router model has a default IP address like

You can follow the methods explained above to find out the correct default IP address of your router model.

Conclusion is one of the most popular default IP addresses used by router manufacturers. You get a guide to logging and maintaining your network in this article. You have to keep your network safe and secured which needs some customization. You can get the help of a guide in this article about changing default settings to customize ones. You can use your router model in the best possible way if you follow the above guidelines and troubleshoot issues as mentioned in this article.

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