10 Best Sites for Live Cricket Streaming Online Free on 2023

Are you too a Cricket Freak like me?

Yes, I know it’s not our national game but still, according to my calculation, at least 60% of the Indian population is just fond of cricket. We are great fans of cricket, and we can leave each of our important works for just watching a wicket, the over, the six, the four, and just the last ball. But the problem is that maybe all of us are at times not able to watch the cricket in our homes, on National Television. So yes, here you will come across the top 10 best free cricket live streaming sites you can hold on to if you want to watch live cricket score. Now, whether you are at work, at home, or anywhere on the Earth, you can still see your favorite cricketer playing cricket. Even some of these sites adorably facilitate us, at times we don’t have the time to watch the cricket, so they also highlight the scores on the site.

So here are some of the best watching live cricket online websites, which you can stick to if you are a geek of Cricket.

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1. Live Cricket Match Today

You can watch cricket on many online websites, as it is the famous sport of the country it is available for free almost everywhere. Among many cricket websites and live cricket streaming sites listed in line, the Live Cricket Match Today is one of the top websites in the domain with a rating of 4.8 out of 5, which is quite impressive.

In the starting, it used to be the channel of the social site YouTube. It later developed into a whole new website which now streams live cricket all over the web, free of any charge. Not only you can watch cricket in this country but also you can view cricket played in various regions in real time with zero cost.

It also facilitates an additional feature for its users that they also have an option to download the matches, from the open-source YouTube downloader software and enjoy later.

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2. CricFree


So I am so sure you must be thinking this website is just to watch cricket as the name suggests. No, that’s not at all true, instead, you can watch as many sports as you want, any sport you want, on this website. It is not at all dedicated only to cricket.

The website also provides you with links, to all the sports and the major sports events happening around the world. Even it is not a mandatory step for the users to register themselves on the website, to have access to these links. They can just simply visit the website and watch live sports by clicking the links.

The best part is that you can interact with the people who are already watching the game. CricFree provides you with a chatbox. So, overall, you can sit at your place and still feel like you are enjoying it to the fullest, without even missing a conversation with your buddies.

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3. CricTime

Live Cricket Streaming Online

So if you are looking for the best platform to watch the seamless live cricket streaming free of cost and enjoy without any interruption, here ends your search!

CricTime, very similar to Live Cricket Match Today is a strong and one of the top contenders for the top cricket live streaming websites in the current year.

The home page of the CricTime is as simple and sorted. Once you visit the website, you will see that every upcoming live cricket match highlights. The only effort you need to make just to click on the link, and you can watch the game in your own space.

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4. Hotstar

As we all know Hotstar, a more common source of entertainment nowadays it, gives you hundreds of options of your choice to watch anything or everything, which is included in the list of entertainment. If you want to explore more options on Hotstar, I would suggest you subscribe to the same. Once you subscribe, you get access to the premium stuff, which makes Hotstar much more interesting. Even though Hotstar asks its users to get a subscription if the user wants to enjoy the additional privileges for cricket, it provides the free service.

Hotstar is also well known for live cricket streaming for free to its users. Overall, it is the site where an Indian can get most of his favorite items, be it a TV series, any Indian movie, sports news, the cartoon movies (Disney), and also provides on-demand video service.

You just simply need to register through your Gmail, to become an actual member of Hotstar.

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5. CricBuzz

Live Cricket Streaming Online

Here is the next popular website on the list of live cricket streaming websites that allows users to watch live cricket for free. Well known for the fact that it provides the users, the free cricket news updates. check out the Best Goatdee Alternatives for Sports Streaming

Apart from the live match, it also serves you with the live coverage of the news related to the cricket match live at the time, the articles, and also the ball-by-ball commentary of the game.

It also highlights the upcoming cricket match schedules, stats, team rankings, and records. Although there are many websites where you can watch the live cricket match, the flexibility that CricBuzz provides is quite good and appreciable. Flexibility makes it one of the most reliable websites for watching cricket online.

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6. ESPNcricinfo

ESPNcricinfo is the website that streams live cricket online. ESPNcricinfo, a dedicated sports channel provides its users with a watch to the live cricket match online.

It also features the news related to the match, the score, the records made, and various other articles related to the game.

This is a recommendable site from my side because it has got its pros. The website serves its users with live coverage of not only National Cricket but also it covers international cricket matches. It also covers every major league from IPL, BPL, CPL, and BBL to the Cricket World Cup and many more.

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7. Batman Stream

Batman Stream is also one among many other websites, which provides users with live cricket streaming. As you know you have many options for watching cricket, but Batman is special because it not only streams live cricket matches but also global sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Table Tennis, Ice hockey, F1 racing, Volleyball, Rugby, and a few others in live HD broadcast.

The website is a popular one because it serves great quality live video with a great above average experience, and besides, it also monitors the live scores of the match of all the above-specified games free of cost.

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8. Cricket World

Live Cricket Streaming Online

No doubt, Cricket World gives you the interface to connect to the top live Cricket Streaming websites, and that too for no cost. The user needs to log into the Cricket World and he /she may enjoy the Internet’s top live streaming Cricket sites.

As soon as you visit The Cricket World website, you will notice that the homepage is divided beautifully into different sections. The division of the homepage is in a way that you can easily find out the material you are having the hunger for.

The sections are divided into, the live section, the Live Score section, and many more sections like news, cricket match predictions, cricket photos, and betting, etc. The live section is where you will get the list of all your live cricket matches. In the live score section, you will come across the scores of the live match, for if you may be at work, you may just check the scores, to stay in touch with the team you are supporting. if you are also interested in Websites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Download & Signing Up

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9. CricHD

Live Cricket Streaming Online

As the name suggests, the site provides its users with live cricket streaming in HD quality. So, if you are a cricket freak you must for every reason visit the CricHD website, and watch your favorite team playing on the ground.

As soon as you open the site you will see the list of live-streaming events from major leagues from around all corners of the world, along with the time that is scheduled for the match. There are many other sports for which this site provides live streaming, some of them are f1, NFL, racing, golf, darts, and snooker.

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10. CricLine

This website is not exactly the best place to watch live cricket streaming because it mainly focuses on safe and reliable cricket match predictions and betting tips.

You must surely visit the site if you want to get a better understanding of the game and get to know the winners from all around the globe, where cricket played right at that time. 

So, if you like staking the bets, on the live cricket matches then go on this is your place.

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I hope this article gave you a clear-cut overview of all the best cricket streaming websites of today. All you need is a stable internet connection to watch live cricket from home on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or any other devices.