10 goATDee Alternatives for Sports Streaming You Must Try in 2023

Looking for a site to watch sports online?

Did you miss watching it live?

Not a problem. You can always have access to your favorite sport, a favorite entertainment show, or even any kind of news you want to get known. All you need is a good internet connection as we have a large number of websites where you can stream all your favorite videos online.

As you all know GoatDee is one of the most popular sites where one can watch live-streaming sports, a kind of broadcasting at the same time when being recorded. This website was very popular among people because it provided an easy-to-use interface. One of the problems was that its majority focused on American sports so it was quite difficult for people from other countries to use it. A few months before, this website, shut down due to some valid unknown reasons. But, once read on the Reddit post said that the government of Canada had some copyright issues regarding the material shared on the website. As the most popular live Sports streaming website shut down, it became very difficult for people to find an equal alternative for the same. So, here we present before you the top 10 alternatives of the GoatDee website where you would easily have access to all your favorite sports as well as news and entertainment.

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10 Best goATDee Free Alternatives 2023

#1. Feed2All


Feed2all is one of the best Goatdee Alternatives websites that support live football streaming and many other live broadcasts from a variety of sports. So, it allows sports lovers to access their favorite live show anywhere and everywhere without any cost. The live football matches and many other live matches that the website supports are great features of the website.

It is collaborating with many top sports streaming channels and live channels offering websites, which is the reason for its perfect uninterrupted live streaming of almost every sport and other game. As soon as you open the website, the number of matches still live is shown. If you are interested you can view from the same page all the test matches or the league matches and the tournaments. There are many other names such as Feed2allnow and Feed2all p2p. Feed2all is also one of the oldest websites that stream live football and other sports, so is trustable. The live streams are free to download, but it is advisable not to download them as users need to click through a series of pop-us and pop-under and false download requests to get the stream downloaded. So, strongly advise not to download the streams through there.

#2. Stop Stream

Stop stream

This is one of the excellent platforms for people who enjoy watching sports events live. It brings home a wide variety of categories. There are many sports genres including sports such as Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, Baseball, Boxing, Curling, Cycling, Formula 1, and many other sports. Overall, we can say it covers a whole lot variety of sports from all over the world.

The additional feature is that the website provides you with the mirror links i.e. links of other similar websites which stream the same live as the website in itself does not host any of the matches or the events so it just provides you with the mirror links. The service is free of cost.

#3. First Row Sport


IF you are a sports fan and always want to watch the matches online, then FirstRow Sport is the one you are searching for. It is almost very similar to the GoatDee website. It streams all the sports from the whole world, starting from the football matches in Brazil to the tournaments of ice Hockey in Russia.

You can daily view the sports live. The website is always updated and adds new sports lives shortly if any. It supports a whole lot of genres for example Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, Soccer, Baseball, and many other sports.

#4. VIPBox TV

Goatdee Alternatives

VIPBox TV is one of the fastest-growing sites that streams live sports, specially designed for sports lovers. Also, known for its quick responses to other sports websites. There are at least 33 sports that stream live on VIPBox TV. The website also provides you with the tools and many informative modules, so that the user does not face any difficulty in accessing the live sport. The website also gives you many alternative links. If one goes down in some cases you can still count on the other one.

It also provides you with the right amount of information on the right side of the screen. If you have missed any live streams you will know or even you will come to know which sports are still streaming live.

#5. Stream Woop


Stream Woop is one of the most famous and the biggest website which streams online live sports over the internet. You can just get the whole list of web-based sports channels. The links offered by this site are almost free of cost. There is no issue if you countlessly watch movies or even your favorite shows. Also, if you want to enjoy some extra features supported by the website you may just take the subscription the same. It hosts all the sports channels from where you can probably watch all the live streams.

Stream Woop, also known as one of the most famous websites as users of this site also enjoys some extra features such as the live score, so if you are busy enough and cannot afford to watch the whole of the match, you can still watch the highlights from the website. Stream Woop is tagged as one of the best websites to connect with sports if you are a sports lover.

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#6. Stream Hunter


Stream Hunter can be the best alternative for the GoatDee website as it is a very flexible live sports streaming website here you can watch live sports not in normal but in special high quality which is almost perfect if you are at work, or anywhere else. Stream Hunter is known for its modern features which help you to enjoy the website to your fullest; it also asks for your location and provides you with filtering in the sports show according to your location too if you want, or else it streams the sports from all parts of the world.

#7. Red Stream Sport


Red Stream Sport is the source website that takes links from other leading live-streaming websites. It streams live sports free of cost to its visitors and allows them to watch all the live sports matches and test leagues. There are many links for every live match so if any of them is not accessible, you can count on the other link.

#8. MyP2P


MyP2P is a website that streams sports matches and shows online, without a single penny. You will get to watch the live stream in high quality and unlike every other site, it provides you with a wide variety of games like Baseball, Boxing, Soccer, MotoGP, and many more sports live streams online. And above all, you can explore more in each of these sections of games.

The interface is so simple and can be run on any browser your mobile phone or TV supports. The best feature that I am sure you will like is that it provides you with a chat feature, which allows you to interact with other people around the globe.

#9. Fubo TV


Fubo TV is an American online live-streaming website launched back in 2015, which supports numerous channels that distribute live sports such as MLS, NBA, NFL, international soccer, news, national television series, and movies. It includes a family plan that allows you to stream about 117 channels for just $65. Also, you would have a plan called Fubo TV Ultra, which includes 199 channels for $85 per month. Recently, Fubo TV also added channels owned by Disney, so now you can get access to these too as a part of your subscription. Fubo TV has gained very huge popularity in the last two years because it changed to an all-sport service in 2017 and then to a vMVPD (virtual multichannel video programming distributor) model.

The investors which invested in Fubo TV are Luminari Capital, AMN Networks, Sky, Scripps Network Interactive, and North Zone. Fubo TV is the website that became the second top internet TV service, streamed on iPads, iPhones, and Apple TV.

#10. Batman Stream


Batman Stream is one of the biggest live sports streaming websites. Here, you can get a list of web-based sports TV channels and can access them free of cost. You can watch all the sports including Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, NFL, and many others. The important feature of the website is that there is a search engine, so here you can search for the sport you desire to watch.


As you already know where to go to watch your live sport, but still according to me Batman Stream and Stream Woop are one of the best websites. All of the alternatives I presented before you are simply the best source of information for sports lovers.