20 Best Mobile RPG Gacha Games you need to Play Once!

Gacha Mechanics have created a huge uproar in most of the gamers. Today, everyone loves to play at least one or the other gacha games available on multiple platforms. A simple device with mobile RPG gacha games has become so popular in between everyone. The list of the top gacha games is growing every day. New role-playing games are being launched with better graphics and storytelling. In such a case, finding the most beautiful one is always a difficult task in hand. However, to help you with these situations, I have come over here with the list of the Top 20 Best Gacha Games you need to Play Once.

20 Best Gacha Games For Mobile RPG Lovers 2020

Here are the top gacha games for 2020 to download free from the Google PlayStore.

#1. Another Eden

If you have already seen someone play Another Eden The Cat Beyond Time and Space, you are about to find interest in this game as well. Another Eden is one of the newer Gacha mobile games. The graphics are all that drives everyone crazy about this game, the quality content, the characters, as well as the other amazing things, will always make you go for this game.

Free to play

#2. Tales of Erin

tales of erin - best gacha games

If you like to take part in the Japanese anime games, the Tales of Erin is something that will amaze you the most. it comes up with the best graphics as well as the ultimate skills. The real amazing part goes when you get to see the HD graphics as well as the multiplayer mode available. Tales of Erin is the most popular mobile RPG gacha games with a 4.5 rating from over 50,000 reviews on the PlayStore.

Free to play

#3. Fate/Grand Order

The Fate/Grand Order is certainly the best of the lot when it comes to the best gacha games, this came was brought up in the year of 2017 and it is widely popular all over the world. It allows you to travel to the past and get mixed with the special characters that are roaming around.

Note: Available to play in Japan or the US.

Free to play

#4. The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code has been one of the most popular gacha games ever since it was launched for the users. It is used by millions of people. the voice acting, the storyline, as well as the 3D animations, will blow up your mind just like always. it is certainly the best game you always wished to play. You have to master the power of Alchemy and fight the world!

Free to play

#5. Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force - RPG Gacha Games

If you love the Marvel universe, playing this game is one of the best things you wished to do. The MARVEL Strike Force comes with all characters of the marvel university. You can do a lot of things like assembling the squad, include evolutions and also build up a strategy to fight the monsters. The graphics will keep you stunned.

Free to play

#6. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ultimate Ninja Blazing -RPG Games

If you are new into Gacha gaming, the Ultimate Ninja Blazing is one thing that you would not miss out on. Most of the Gacha gaming Reddit seekers play this game because of the simple storyline and the impressive cover that it has. However, the most interesting part is the NARUTO characters involved which allow you to get a renowned anime for the product. Of course, you would love to play it on the line.

Free to play

#7. Evertale

Next up on the list is Evertale. It takes you to the fantasy world where you can get to play along with the monsters as well as the characters present. The interesting part is the amazing landscape that this device has and it also brings up the wonderful ambiance of gameplay that’s available. Surely, Evertale is one of the best mobile RPG games available to play.

Free to play

#8. One Piece Treasure Cruise

The concept of the One Piece Treasure Cruise is that it is a turn-based RPG game that insists on multiple characters and amazing gameplay available. it has several levels for you to complete and for each passing level, this game gets more interesting. This is why you can assume that this game will be an amazing choice for everyone.

Free to play

#9. One Piece Treasure Cruise

KING’s RAID is completely different from what type of games you have seen over here. This game is designed for you to kill the demons with some amazing characters. The most important thing is that you can get to play real-time battles with the enemy and the opposition to enhance the play. It will certainly increase the strength of the characters and the strategy.

Free to play

#10. One Piece Treasure Cruise –  Oldest and Most Played RPG Gacha Game

Summoners War is quite similar to the dragon based games that we have to see, however, when it comes to the gameplay, this game is completely different. It allows you to be a part of the sky arena. Here, almost 1000 different types of characters are present who are competing against you. Fight all of them to win the amazing gifts and achievements.

Free to play

#11. Blustone

Blustone is an amazing RPG Gacha game to play for women and girls. It has simple tap action stimulation with some amazing graphics. Instead of the normal characters, Blustone presents almost 90 different types of available hunters. you can take part in the shop and buy traces. There are other interesting areas like the fight club and also the boutique to explore.

Free to play

#12. Dragon Ball Legends – Most Popular Anime Action RPG Games

Almost everyone has heard about the Dragon Ball Legends and it has become so popular in the modern-day. not only the Dragon Ball Legends is an amazing RPG game to play, but it also has a great dimension. The graphics will make you look for it in awe. There are also many other animations and several characters. you would love to build your strategy and play the best free mobile games. Dragon Ball Legends has over 800k positive reviews and 10,000,000 installs on the Google PlayStore.

Free to play

#13. Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes gets you back to the older days where you can find the true meaning of characters and the missing sword. The game is all about finding the sword and the ancient dragon that protects it. The adventure and the gameplay it presents is always an amazing experience for everyone. You would love the RPG that it comes along with.

Free to play

#14. Brave Frontier

One of the best mobile RPG games in the list is the Brave Frontier. This game offers you an amazing experience that comes along with a great mechanic. Anyone would love to play this amazing game that has so many levels of competing and comes along with an amazing background. This certainly offers you one of the best actions. Brave Frontier is F2P friendly, a non-complex to play a game that Gamers will sure love.

Free to play

#15. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is a marvelous gacha game for the one who would love to explore and find out what’s hidden inside the game. The Honkai Impact 3rd talks about the devil that has no roots and nobody knows where she is from. you can get to choose the amazing choice of weapons and build your strategy to defeat the demon.

Free to play

#16. Valkyrie Connect

When the advent of RPG came up to the limelight, Valkyrie Connect was one of the first games to make out the mark. Still now, millions of people fancy this game because of the amazing creativity that this game brings up. You can get to create an amazing strategy and participate in the battles. Surely the game is interesting enough to play multiple times.

Free to play

#17. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is developed by Nintendo and it is one of the best mobile RPG games to play for. This game has multiple levels and in each of them, you will be able to find out new quests and amazing setup. Moreover, there are intense battles and a lot more that makes this game to be one of the best in the whole world. It also allows you to get replay modes.

Free to play

#18. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has become a worldwide hit ever since this game was launched right from the first place. This amazing game has brought up multiple characters of the famous Pokemon land. It is a unique and location-based game that allows you to capture unique Pokémon while you travel. You will be able to collect them easily.

Free to play

#19. Pocket Chibi

Pocket Chibi

If you love to play games in the fantasy world, Pocket Chibi is the one for you. This game has the main character Chibi whom you can create and even pull up the latest anime fashion. You can get to choose amongst thousands of customized fashion and weapons and more. It becomes a great choice as a cosplay role-playing game. Everyone would love to play this.

Free to play

#20. Gacha Life

Gacha Life

Not many people are aware of this game, but certainly, Gacha Life is one game that amazes all. It has multiple modes including the studio mode, the life mode and also the character mode. You can dress them up, use the stimulation for customization and do a lot more things on the go. Certainly, it is one of the best games to play with.

Conclusion on Best Mobile Gacha Games

Choosing any of the Top 20 Best Gacha Games you need to Play Once will surely drive you crazy to go for more. There are amazing mobile RPG gacha games all over the web which brings up an impressive storyline. Surely, you would never want to miss out on any of them. Playing the top gacha games and becoming a pro in them will surely make you feel better. So if you want to pick up new challenges, start downloading the best mobile RPG options available now!

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