Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics For RPG Android Lovers in 2020

This is the first-ever game that came in the series of Final Fantasy. The game came into existence by Square Enix(Square) had its release in the year 1997 in Japan, and then other countries. Every such game has a different theme and similarly, this game is the story of a cadet who unknowingly finds himself thrown in a military conflict where he discovers the inside plot of the war. The military conflict was known by the name The Lion War, and thus the name of the game is “ The Wars Of The Lions”. 

Although this role-playing video game from the time of release, gains perfect reviews from everyone and had a re-release in 2007, yet there come some drawbacks like you cannot launch the game on your device in you already have a certain type of play store application. So, if in case that application is important for you, you can shift to the alternatives of the Final Fantasy Tactics. Here is the list of 10 games that are very similar to the game like Final Fantasy Tactics.

10 Similar Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

1. Chrono Trigger

The experience with the game is the same as with the Final Fantasy, only the storyline changes. This game makes you travel through time(seven eras) of games’ world history, as the story is about a group of people who love adventure, they travel through time to prevent the future of the planet. 

The Chrono Trigger occurs in a world similar to that of Earth and there are 7 characters( 6 main and one optional). The story begins with the character Chrono, Marle, and Lucca. Crono is a fearless young man, Marle is a princess who seeks for herself independence from the royal life, Lucca is the childhood friend of Crono. In one of the eras comes Robo, a robot. Then come Frog and Magus. The frog once known as guenn, Mangus made him, a frog. The story is very interesting and starts when Lucca’s father brings for her a “teleporter”.

The detailed graphics, a lot number of endings(13 great endings), battle tactics, and most importantly the character development makes the game more interesting are some of the many reasons which mark this game in the list of best games. The best part is that you hover through the number of places for example forests, cities, and other similar localities, one can change his character (i.e. helmet, armor, and all battling accessories). The enemies can attack right from the front or can use magic hit. The game is best because the player would enjoy navigating through 7 ears of the history of the Game World.

2. Evoland 2

Evoland 2 developed in the year 2015 is a successor of Evoland developed in the year 2013. The plot as you all know is different for every role-playing video game. A time-traveling game where the graphics style of the player changes as they move through time. The plot’s story starts with a boy, who was found near the village by a girl named Fina. As she didn’t know his name, she started calling her Kuro. As Kuro does not remembers his own identity, they both explore the area to get some clues. They got to find a demon named Reno. Reno wants to destroy humanity. While they both try to stop Reno, they travel 50 years back. As the player passes through the levels he discovers more interesting adventures. 

At first, the graphics are in 2D but as per your progress, you may reach a level with 3D graphics. So, if you are really into video games like Final Fantasy Tactics, and are looking for an alternative to the game, this is one of the most recommended.

3. The Secret Of Mana

The game Secret of Mana (japan: Seiken Densetsu 2), a role-playing game, was originally developed by Square and it’s first releases were in Japan and also ported in the mobile devices in the country in the year 2009. The important feature of the game is that the player can pause and make decisions in the middle of the game using the Ring Command menu system. Unlike other games, the Secret Of Mana has a real-time battle with an improvement in the quality of graphics. 

This game takes place in a high Fantasy and the player character needs to fight hostile creatures. Three players can play the game simultaneously. These three main characters which the player can name by themselves are a boy who uses magic and not magic then masters weapons, the girl is a healer, and the third character sprite has the power to destroy the army. For a bit brief there are 8 different weapons which include the sword, whip, bow, etc. So, if you and your friends prefer games like Final Fantasy Tactics than this game is for you.

4. Icewind Dale

A role-playing video game came into existence in the year 2000. The game takes place in Icewind Dale and the Dungeons and Dragons-Forgotten Realms campaign site. The plot is similar to Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II. The party can have a maximum of six members. The player defines the name, gender, and class if he introduces some new characters. The class indicates the kind of weapons and combats the character can use. As you level up your points increase and in return, you can get access to more tools and items. The plot is of a town of Easthaven, where the town leader invites a party of adventurers to join him in investigating a town named Kuldahar. Reaching the town, the town leader finds that some mysterious evil force had been kidnapping the villagers, irritating the monsters which turn problematic and also these forces lead to dangerous and drastic weather changes.

The plot itself is much life, and the experience would surely be great.

5. Eternium

If you are looking for the best experience and the games like Final Fantasy Tactics than this game must be for sure on your wish list. Eternium (Eternium: Mage and Minions) first role-play that has a touch control design specially designed for touch devices. The genre here is the dungeon crawling genre. The players battle, collect items and loot to grow in power. The quest is to stop Ragadam from destroying the Universe. So you need to go on a mission to stop this evil Ragadam

6. Star Wars: The Night Of Old Republic

Star Wars™: KOTOR, a role-playing video game relates to the comic series and the fictional universe of star wars. The game had its first release in the year 2003 and lastly had a re-release in the year 2019. All of us must have watched at least one star War movies. The comic series also came. The time divides into rounds and each round has a short duration, but the player can surely pause whenever he wants to. The game has nine types of characters and the main or the player character of the first game is Revan, while that of the second game is Jedi.

7. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

A turn-based role-playing video game Battle Chaser came into existence in 2017. The game features a great adventure with deep dungeon diving and received positive reviews overall. Rich Meister rated the game 8/10 and called it “fun and visually striking”. The game also won the Japanese Role-Playing reward as it gives a full experience which lacks in many role-playing games. The game is the best alternative to games like Final Fantasy Tactics.

The players linearly experience the whole game, from fighting enemies till they reach dungeons. The difficulty level of the dungeons is set before entering the dungeon. The higher the difficulty level, the greater points you gain. The cast includes a young girl Gully who searches for her father finds five heroes to help her, Garrison, a brooding swordsman, a rouge Red Monica, Calibretto, a kind-hearted war golem, Knolan, an old wisecracking mage, and also includes Destra, an evil sorceress. It opens with a beautiful animation that sets the flow for the game. Other than dungeons you would also experience fishing mini-games, treasure hunting, and specialized hunts(the task is to hunt a specific animal). The number of attacks and skills, the status effects and the whole combination gives the player a unique experience.

8. CrashLands

The Crashlands is the Action game of the time. It is an action-adventure role-playing game driven by the epic story arc. The game came into existence in the year 2016. The comparison is with “Don’t starve”. The players receive the tasks to complete for example the players have to collect items and resources to craft them into menacing weapons, the armors, and other tools which will help you in breaking down the resources of the planet and discover new things as a replacement for these olds. . It has no inventory in the initial but you can develop them soon on your own. Not only you’ll find yourself an inventor but also a survivor. You will get to find creature eggs that hatch into your baby death machine. The crashland in the endless game and it would take years to explore it wholly.

So, this game is one of the best games, if you are looking for similar games like the Final Fantasy Tactics.

9. Dragon Quest

The first release of Dragon Quest was back in the year 1986 and the latest in 2019. This is a Japanese role-playing video game published by square. The game is very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and has eleven main series with a lot of anime and novels based on basically each of the series. 

You need to play as a hero, protect, and save your land from Dragonlord, the master of the night. Players control the characters which can walk, buy armor, and weapons to defeat the monsters(the view changes on the encounter of the monster) in the Dungeon. The series of Dragon Quest has many monsters like Dragons, Mummies, Drackies, and more. The game has a full-screen map and statics-orient wizard screens.

10. Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow of Amn

The Baldur’s Gate II is a role-playing game with its release in 2000 is the successor of Baldur’s Gate which came into existence in the year 1998. This too is real-time gameplay and takes place in a fantasy campaign setting, the Forgotten Realms. A maxim of six players (i.e. six players can play simultaneously) can party with one being a protagonist and the rest of them are from the game world. The game has an Advanced Dungeons and Dragon’s second edition that takes place around Athkatla. Athkatla is a city in the country of Amn.

The game is one of the best video games of all time. Also, the player has to choose a class during the character creation among the fighter, thief, monk, sorcerer, and others. As the name specifies each of these has different strengths and weaknesses. The story underlines a kingdom with a ruling council of six members. The main characters include Bhaal, the God of Murder(the protagonist is one of his offspring), Imoen(a close friend of Bhaal), and so on many more. There is a sword you explored and it leaves your mysterious home and you need to find it. This leads you to different challenging situations, and the real game starts.

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