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[] The online interconnected world stands on strong pillars of devices like routers. Routers are the central element in the quality wireless network. This device helps in connecting the number of devices to the internet service. With such an important role routers become essential elements of the hyper-connected internet.

With such immense importance, it becomes necessary to keep routers safe and secure. Users must be authorized before getting access permission to the administrative panel of the router. Routers have a default IP address which is used in the communication process. is a popular default IP address for routers by various brands.

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What is the IP Address?

Communication through a network requires an address like a physical home address. IP address plays the same role as this residential address for a system. Each system connected to the network has a separate address allowing communication with each other. Thus IP address can be defined as a unique identifier of the machine.

Devices are connected to a network and are designed to communicate with other networks too. The IP address of the device allows connection establishment with other devices connected in the same network as well as in the other network. The most common example of such communication is the internet service. IP Address and Routers Using It

Routers from well-known brands like Siemens, Belkin, SMC, and others use as a default IP address. IANA defined this range as a default IP address in place of a limited range of IPv4 addresses. This range is particular for home network devices. It is impossible to connect devices from other networks with this IP address.

You require this IP address to access the router admin panel. is one of such popular IP addresses you need to know to log in to the router. Each router has its default login credentials. These default login credentials are used for the login procedure. Thus, usernames and passwords become essential prerequisites to access the default settings of the router.

How to Change Default Router Settings in 3 Easy Steps?

It is always recommended to change the default login credentials of the router once used. Routers having default IP address are common among most of the popular brands. Thus, these credentials are easily available to everyone. Hackers and attackers can get these credentials and misuse your network. 

You have to update the default username and password of your router to enhance the security of your home network. It is easy to update the default settings of the router with the simple steps given below.

Step 1: You have to open a web browser on your computer and type the default IP address in the address bar. Press enter to land on the router interface.

Step 2: You can see the login page on your screen. Enter the default user name and password correctly in the given fields. Note that you can find these usernames and passwords on the router sticker at the back of the device. If the enter credentials are correct you will be redirected to the administrative panel of the router.

Step 3: Here you can change the network name i.e. SSID of your router. It is recommended to change SSID to an unobvious name. You can change the default login credentials on this administrative panel.

Note: you must keep your password different from the previous password. Use a combination of characters, symbols, and numbers to create a complex and unique password.

How to Reset Your Router?

Once you update the default settings of the router you have to remember a new username and password. You require an updated username and password to get access permission for the admin panel. If in case you forget these credentials you need to reset your router. 

The reset procedure deletes all the updates and settings customized by you and loads default factory settings into NV RAM. When by mistake your settings or customization goes wrong you have to reset your router. It is very convenient to reset your router with the following steps.

  • Power on the router from the main power supply. See the indicators to confirm the router status. 
  • Look for the reset button usually designed on the side of the router. This reset button is so small in size and placed in a little hole. This design protects the reset button from getting pressed unintentionally. 
  • Get an apparatus with having pointed tip for example pen or pin. Press the reset button with this tool for about 15 seconds.
  • Wait for the router to reboot automatically. Once the router starts rebooting you can release the reset button. 
  • Router indicators will indicate when the router is ready to use. You now have to use default login credentials to access the interface. It is advised to update these credentials with the new and unique ones. – Popular IP Address

The IP address range of is popular in most of the router companies. These popular companies include Airlink101, Belkin, SMC, Edimax, and Tenda. You must have the right information about the default IP address to proceed with its operations.

Troubleshooting the IP Address

It is a very common issue while configuring and using the router. Thus it is not sufficient to get information about how to login or connect to the Wi-Fi network of the router. You need a guide to resolve common issues and use the router conveniently. Now you don’t have to worry about the error messages while accessing the router. Here is the troubleshooting method you must try to resolve the problems. 

Most of the network or device that has common issues you may come across are as follows. 

  1. The router is offline or unable to connect to the network.
  2. Technical problem in accessing the router.

When you face such issues, you have to try below troubleshooting methods which can solve most of the problems. 

Check if the Ethernet Cable is Connected Properly

This ethernet cable is a very important link that connects the router to the modem or your system to the router in both wired and wireless connections. You thus have to check whether ethernet cable is connected properly or not. If the connection is loose or the cable is linked in the wrong port you will surely get an error message on your screen.

Check if your Router is Working and in Normal Condition

The router is the central element of your network which makes it the most important device in the whole scenario. You need to check if the router is getting the proper power supply. You can refer to the LED lights i.e. indicators to confirm your router status. 

Indicators will confirm whether the devices are sending or receiving the pockets. Some of the router models have error indicating red light which is the warning sign to check your router. You can use the router manual to know about its indicators.

Reboot the Router

When all troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the issue, you need to reboot your router. Rebooting does not delete the customization of the router. To reboot your router, you have to unplugged the device from the power supply and disconnect cables linked to it. You need to turn off the power to the router as well as your system if it is a wired connection. 

Now wait for two minutes and power on the router first and then your gadget or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q1. Why I am unable to connect with

You need to enter the default IP address minutely and properly.  Any kind of typing error will fail. You have to make sure that you have the correct default IP address of your router and then be sure that you type it properly.

Conclusion on

This article gives complete information about accessing the IP address With the login procedure, you also get a stepwise procedure to reset your device or change its default settings. You can try common troubleshooting methods to enjoy the uninterrupted service of your router.

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