IP: Login Admin & Password in 2023 IP Address Login Admin is an IP address that can also be referred to as an online address. Devices that are connected to the internet are addressed with a specific and unique IP. This IP address helps in communication among the devices. All the nodes in the network are referred to with this unique IP address while exchanging data packets for communication.

To log in at your router with192.168.1.1 IP Address:

When the device is connected to the home network, the router assigns an IP address for reference. The router also has an IP address which is also called router IP. A home network or Local Area Network has a specific range of these addresses which can be further allocated to the devices connected to them.

The range allocated for the local area network is strictly for devices in them. Thus these IP addresses cannot be assigned to websites on the internet. These particular IP address ranges are as follows. -

Default Admin & Login Password for


How to Configure Your Router?

You first have to configure your router properly before using the IP address Here are the most important four steps you have to perform for the router configuration. 

1. Connect to the Internet

It is very important to have a proper working connection with your router. You have to connect the ethernet cable to your device like Laptop or Computer and the router. Now check if the device is getting access to the internet service or not. If not, you may have to perform troubleshooting for an internet connection. 

2. Unboxing of Router

When you unbox your router, you will get a manual or guide with it. you can use this guide to get the default login credentials of the router. This manual will also give you the default gateway address of the device.

 It is recommended to place and install a router at a higher place with no interference from other devices. Devices like microwaves or radios interfere with the router services. 

3. Connect to the Power Source

Power on the main supply to the router. The router will boot automatically which may take up to a few minutes. Indicators on the router will convey that the router is ready to use. To know more about the indicator of router status you can refer user manual of the router. 

4. Connecting the Router to Internet Service

It is time to connect broadband cable or ISP gateway cable to the internet port of your router. You can find this port on the back of the router designed in noticeable color. Refer to the user manual to know this port according to your router model. – 192.168.l.l IP Login Steps

Check the default IP address of your router on the router sticker or you can also check it in the user guide. If this default IP address is, here is the step-by-step procedure to login into the router interface. Perform the connection procedure of the router and make sure that it is ready to connect with the internet service. Establish a connection with the internet and perform the below steps through your gadget connected to the router. 

Step 1: You have to open a web browser on your gadget. Type the default IP address of the router i.e. in the URL bar and press Enter from your gadget or system.

Step 2: If your router model has this IP address as the default one, you will be directed to the router interface automatically. You will land on the login page of the router. Here you have to enter the default username and password you can find on the router detail sticker. 

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: password

Step 3: Interface of the router verify the login credentials. If the details are entered correctly, you can get permission to access the admin panel of your router. You can change settings or update login credentials here.

Find the IP Address of Your Router

You need the default IP address of your router to log into the interface and access admin settings. You have to follow the below steps to find the default IP address of your router. 

For Windows:

  • Search for the command prompt from the Windows menu. You can press Win + R and type CMD in the Run window. Press Enter to open CMD on your screen. 
  • Type the command ipconfig and press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • You can see the result of the command. Look for the default IP address label giving you the required result. 

For MacOS

  • Go to the menu you can see at the left corner of the screen. Choose system preferences here.
  • Click on the tab named Network. Go for a network connection option.
  • Click on the Advanced button and check the box on TCP/IP.
  • You will see the result on the right side where you can find the default IP address of your router.

For Linux and Unix

  • Go to Applications and choose System Tools. Look for the Terminals option and click on it.
  • You need to sort the command as an IP course | grep default.
  • You will see results as joe$ IP course | grep default.
  • You will get a default IP address as dev eth0 proto static or 192.168.l.l Troubleshooting

You may face issues while using the IP address You can try troubleshooting
methods are given below for the listed problems.

1. For the Network Issues:

When you are facing network issues through your device, you need to reboot your
device. Follow the power toggle method for this reboot. Unplug the power supply,
wait for two minutes and then plug it again.

2. When you Lose Connection to the Internet:

Check if your router is connected to the system correctly. Verify the proper link of
ethernet cable or check Wi-Fi credentials are entered correctly. You can refer route
indicators to get status of power supply, internet service, ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

3. When you Forget your Login Credentials:

If you have updated default login credentials and are unable to remember, you need
to reset your router. Resetting the router will erase all updates and customization
you made. Once you reset your router, it loads factory settings over the customized
one. Now you can use default username and password to login to the router

Changing the SSID

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. This name identifies your network i.e. your Wi-Fi connection. Users can search the Wi-Fi network with this SSID. It is set to default first. You must change this default SSID to a unique one which will enhance the security of your network. 

Keeping the default SSID may attract hackers and compromise the safety of your Wi-Fi connection. You can change SSID on the admin panel of the router. Follow the below path for the process.

Enter IP address > Login to Admin panel > Click on Network tab > SSID > Change SSID

Changing Default Login Credentials 

It is most important to update the default login credentials of your router. Keeping your router with default credentials makes your network vulnerable to the attacks. It is thus advised to change these default credentials into a personalized, unique, and strong one. You can keep the complex combination of characters, upper case, and lower-case letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q1. What to do when my router is not responding?

Ans: Check internet connectivity to your router. You should also check the physical connectivity of the ethernet cable to the router. Ensure that the main power supply is on and working. See the indicators to confirm the status of the router.

Q2. How to retrieve my username and password?

Ans: If you have not updated the default credentials, you can easily find the username and password on the router sticker. If you have updated the default login credentials there is no other option than resetting the router. You can press the tiny reset button on the router with the pointed tip like a pen for 15 seconds and release it. The router will get reset to its factory settings. Now you can use the default login and password to access the admin panel.

Q3. What if the IP address is not working?

Ans: You have to find the default IP address of your router with the procedure explained above. Make sure that your router has a default IP address of You should also check your internet connectivity and physical connection to the router. If everything is in place you may need to reset your router.

Q4. Why the IP address is not loading?

Ans: There may be a mistake in typing the correct IP address in the browser. If you are sure about typing the correct IP address there may be issues with an internet connection. You can try restarting your router to solve minor network issues.

Q5. Why I can’t access through my Smartphone?

Ans: Smartphones may not have access permission to the router. It is not configured to the correct terminal in the network. Hence, Smartphones can not be used to configure or update the settings of the router.

Conclusion on IP

The IP address is popular with routers by well-known brands like Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link, Asus, and D-Link. Most of the manufacturers assign this default IP address to their router models. Routers can then use this IP address for communication in the network. This is the complete guide about this IP address you can refer to for your purpose.

Other IP Address: