20 Best Rainmeter Skins to Customize Your Desktop in 2020

The best part of Windows desktop is they are very versatile and flexible when it comes to personalization. The options which will be available to you as a user will come with several default features that you can customize. But there are certain things that will be limited to you like changing of backgrounds, size of shortcut icons, the position of the taskbar, and many more. So when you will be installing the Rainmeter Skin you are getting the ability to change the appearance along with adding better customization which is very satisfactory.

This Rainmeter Skin has brought new revolutionary customization to the desktop and here you are getting access to several skins with a different selection of unique applets. Apart from bringing more creativity to the homepage of your desktop, it will also help in infusing a productive environment which can have a positive impact on the user. So, sprinkle your creative spark by using colours, theme and applets.

Rainmeter skins are basically used for enhancing the entire appearance of the desktop homepage and it will help in incorporating some decent styling to your laptop. You can definitely compare it with that of a launcher. There are several Rainmeter skins which are available on the market, but you should scrutinize everything properly in order to determine which type will be suitable for your desktop and won’t consume a lot of resources. So here in this article top, 20 best rainmeter skins are discussed which are very versatile and will also give you the capability of customizing everything.

When you are using any of the skins you will have to remember that you need to download them and then install them on the windows. You will have to ensure that it is compatible with the version of the windows that you are currently using.

Note: In order to use these Rainmeter skins, you must have Rainmeter installed on your Windows PC. It’s compatible with all Windows versions (XP to Windows 10).

Best Rainmeter Skins You Should Use in 2020

1. Natural


Appreciating nature is very vital in a time when global warming is becoming a huge concern and all the reputed organization is now promoting the thought of using of eco-friendly material. That is why when you will be utilizing the rainmeter that Natural provides you, you will be constantly reminding yourself about the need of being consciously related to the environmental issues. Moreover, this rainmeter skin is extremely irresistible and lovely.


2. Wolf Tiles 1.2

Wolf Tiles 1.2

Wolves are identified by their immense courage and strength. Even if they are standing at a huge distance from you there barking can alone make you shiver with fear. So the wolf tiles will definitely provide you with the rainmeter that will be having the wolf theme and will constantly remind you to hold courage. All the boxes which will be appearing on the screen will resemble tiles like the look and will make the entire toolkit appear more engaging. When you will be installing the rainmeter skin you will be finding proper statistics, which will optimally display all the information related to CPU, RAM, drive and other in order to improve mobility.


3. Radiation VR1.1

Radiation VR1.1

Centering the concept related to atomic radiation, this entire rainmeter skin has been developed. The nuclear molecular appearance will provide a very high-quality look to the entire screen. You will be getting a lot of wallpapers which will be a product of the toolkit and it comes with the radiation warning. It also has the widgets which will be displaying the information related to system and network. If you’re looking for the most customizable Rainmeter Skin then Radiation is the perfect choice for you. Starting from changing the colour to font size, you can bring some significant changes to the entire rainmeter skin.


4. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

If you belong from the clan of Game of Thrones viewers and a huge fan base then this Rainmeter Skin is a perfect pick for you. So whenever you are using this, anyone who is a Game of Throne lover would appreciate your desktop or laptop. The colour, layout,and styling options are extremely unique and customizable so keep on implementing different types of changes in order to give it your own personal touch.


5. Himawari-8


If you are an inhabitant of Indonesia, Hawaii, Japan, Australia or Philippines then you might be very much well aware of this Rainmeter Skin because it is extremely popular in that place. This skin will ensure to keep you updated with all the information related to weather. It will provide you with beautiful images from NOAA NESDIS along with several reputable bodies that will be made available to the user in real time.


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6. Enigma


If your OS is of Windows 10 then installing Enigma would be the first step that you should perform. After you install it, it will be very hard for you to recognize the new updated version of your PC and its appearance is breathtaking. With its intuitive interface, it has surpassed all the Rainmeter Skin available in the market. So you are also getting the opportunity of bringing myriads of customization to this Rainmeter Skin in order to give it your own personal touch.


7. Silmeria Dock Honeymoon

The honeymoon is basically a beautiful period where friendship and love blend together. This Rainmeter Skin is going to drench you in this beautiful feeling. If you have used the animation of Windows 8 previously then you will be able to analyze how beautiful everything is going to get after you install the Silmeria Dock Honeymoon Rainmeter Skin. It will provide you with the opportunity of bookmarking several relevant pages for your convenience of quick accessing. Even if it may look like the simplest one,it still is highly effective.


8. Tech-A


With the irresistible and intuitive interface, it is going to provide you with the most stylish and convenient Rainmeter Skin. It will captivate you when you will be looking into the beautiful logo of Windows which will be displayed in the background of the theme. All the important, yet diverse information will be displayed on the desktop screen like CPU usage, date, time or any other relevant information which you have kept as shortcuts.


9. Aliens


If you are a fan of alien invasion movies, then opt for the Aliens which is the best Rainmeter Skin. The entire theme is finely cluttered and that is why you will have to decide whether you should opt for it or not. Starting from displaying of relevant information like RAM used, time, date, the speed of the downloads, uploads and the total size of the installation, you will be able to simplify everything that is displayed on the screen.


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10. Epure


Even the simplest interface can be beautiful and the perfect example is Epure. After installing Epure, monitoring the PC will become smooth. It has an impressive animation and along with the graphical quality, it is going to be a cherry on the top because this Rainmeter skin is loaded with several features that are going to drench you in several admirations. The best part is it is highly customizable so starting from changing the font, colour to the widgets you can customize everything the way you want. Most of the people are opting for this because it supports different types of languages and 8 of them are English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, French, Serbian and German.


11. Neon Space

Neon Space

If you’re looking for a Rainmeter Skin that is going to provide you with a perfectly organized theme, then you should opt for the Neon space. It comes with the tempting hologram with the effect of planets and solar system, that looks very engaging. The skin will be displaying the weather, calendar, CPU usage and many more


12. Windows 9 Single Mark 4

Windows 9 Single Mark 4

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated skin that will provide you with the engaging design when it comes to its appearance then this is the right theme for you. This is an awesome skin, which is completely based on the Windows concept. When you are installing this particular skin on the desktop it will inevitably help in transforming the complete look of the desktop.


13. Darkness Fall

Darkness Fall

If you’re looking for a unique rainmeter theme, then Darkness fall is going to hold a special place in your heart. Most of the PC owners who are running the OS of Windows 7 are adopting this Rainmeter Skin. The landscape is highly captivating and you can easily install this theme on the desktop and change the appearance within few seconds.


14. Taboo


If you are a fan of black and white shade background, then Taboo is the perfect Rainmeter Skin that you should have for your desktop. It will provide you with an additional package of skin that is equally impressive. You will be getting the display of relevant information on the screen of the desktop, but it won’t be providing you with the weather reports which other themes are going to provide you.


15. X2ui 1.2

X2ui 1.2

This Rainmeter Skin is ideal for the people who want to enjoy the Alien theme. So whenever you will be installing this theme it will completely change the outlook of your system and how it will look like the complex analysis machine which has been sent from the outer space. It has the perfect blend of graphs, animations, and number which no one can resist.


16. My Rainmeter Desktop

My Rainmeter Desktop

If you’re looking for the superior and the finest skin for your laptop, then go for the My Rainmeter Desktop one. It can easily enhance and decorate the appearance of any device. If you love enjoying the space combat, then it will help you to get the space war specialized display. The skin will be displaying other things like circle HDD, circle network, circle clock and many more that will create a very simplified yet complex theme.


17. Simple DOCK

Simple DOCK

If your choice is to pick the simplest form of Rainmeter skin,then this is going to meet your purposes because it is also properly organized and simple. It is true that the design of this thing is extremely simple, but when you will dig deeper into the concept then you will find many amazing things. Here you are getting the ability to change icons and the DOCK whenever you need.


18. Meteor Glimpse

Meteor Glimpse

It is very important to always opt for the high-quality Rainmeter skinlike Meteor Glimpse because this amazing theme comes with beautiful wallpaper that will be containing a display of the meteor rocks. It will be boldly displaying all the features like Winamp circle, digital circle, flying saucers, and several more icons that you will be needing. This theme can be easily installed in any of the devices without any hindrance.


19. Speed


Speed Rainmeter Skin looks extremely fantastic and even if you are adjusting the brightness continuously still it will adjust properly and make the entire thing look more interesting. It will be displaying different types of vital information with features like speed, messages, clock, Wi-Fi statistics and many more. It will incorporate the thought of speeding up your project.


20. Big Digital Clock

Big Digital Clock

Just like the way a digital clock will keep you aware about the time, this particular theme is a digitalized way of changing the theme of your desktop into something that is more interesting. Here you will be able to know the time along with the date and the entire timing system is following the ISO 8601. It is a very simple yet attractive one, which one can easily install and convert their basic home page into a big digital clock.


The Final Word on Rainmeter skins

If you’re thinking of incorporating some new features to make the desktop look more entertaining then you can definitely opt for rainmeter skin. Apart from being enormously amazing, it also provides you with the ability to customize everything according to your choice. So even if other people are using the same theme still you can bring some own personalization. One of the best things to do is to keep on changing the skins after a certain span of time because in this way one will be enjoying several new appearances on their laptop. All the Rainmeter Skin which are mentioned above have been loved by several people and are the most popular ones.