MangaStream Alternatives: 10 Best Alternatives To Read Manga Online 2023

MangaStream is one of the best places to satisfy their hunger for high-quality Manga comics and Manga series have often shaped the entertainment industry with their unique engaging stories. Mangas are among the few entertainment options that can cater to anyone- from small children to grown-up adults. The Japanese industry is now global and people from around the world are now acquainted with manga and anime. With time this unique option of entertainment has become advanced and digital. From the traditional manga books to today’s digital manga streaming and reading platform- it has surely changed a lot. And any manga lover, they are always eager to read new issues as soon as they release. Hence, we are here with a list of top MangStream Alternatives that you can use.

What is the MangaStream?

MangaStream is in the scene from sometimes right now. This site allows you to read and stream the latest manga issues along with the completed ones without any charges. It publishes translated manga( in English, French, Italian, and other languages). Mangastream is a classic site that has a cult following. It is entertaining manga lovers from different parts of the world with its collection. 

They provide properly translated manga with high-resolution images. So, you will be able to read mangas for hours without any discomfort. Another advantage is their wide range of collections of different genres. That means you will never be bored here. Moreover, the Manga stream never asks you to pay anything for reading the mangas, you can read without registering.

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Was Manga Stream Legal?

MangaStream is a manga streaming website made by manga fans for other fans. The fans uploaded the content after translating the issues by themselves. That means Manga Stream provided copyrighted mangas without permission from the mangaka( the manga artists). This is illegal and is a form of piracy. It is illegal and hence manga Streams are also illegal. Due to this fact, this site is blocked in many countries. But, the manga stream is still operational. It changes the domain and URL name to evade a ban. This site still has another URL that you can access with a VPN.

MangaStream offers safe content. Hence, you do not get threatened by any malware or Trojans while you are reading your favorite mangas from here.

MangaStream Alternatives For Free To Read Manga Online

Since MangaStream is down in many countries due to its legitimacy issues, you need to find some best MangaStream alternatives that offer you mangas for reading. This list contains the best MangaStream alternatives that will keep you hooked with their huge database and great user experience.

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#1. MangaFox

MangaFox - MangaStream

If you are a manga lover then you have already heard about MangaFox. It is a great MangaStream alternative. Their website is user-friendly and boasts a clean and manageable interface. The black, white, and orange theme of MangaFox is eye-catching and soothing at the same time. MangaFox has one of the largest collections of mangas on this list and offers all of its contents for free. You can read the latest releases without any problem. MangaFox allows the readers to zoom in or out of the pages for a better reading experience. Additionally, MangaFox also has an app for smartphone users. This app contains all of their collection from the website and you can stream the mangas even on your smart device with this app

Access: Free


#2. MangaPark

MangaPark - Manga stream

MangaPark is another popular alternative website to Manga Stream. It is another well-known free manga streaming site and has a large viewer base. If you love to read the latest mangas online then MangaPark will help you to read the recent releases without any problem. Their site is simple and loads the trending mangas and recent outings on the home page. Additionally, you can also load ten pages in a single window for a great reading experience. It also does not ask for any registration from the readers.

Access: Free


#3. TenManga

TenManga- mangastream replacement

Tenmanga is a lesser-known free streaming website. But their database is amazing and it can be a good alternative to the Magna stream. This website has thousands of old and new manga neatly Categorized in more than 55 genres. The site comes with a great search bar for the convenience of readers. You can read any mange from their directory without any charges.

Access: Free


#4. MangaReader


MangaReader needs to be on this list for alternatives to MangaStream. It is a traditional site that has kept its viewer base strong and intact with changing times. This site is perfect if you want to read classic and cult mangas like Naruto, Black Butler, etc in English. Additionally, MangaReader comes with a “surprise me” section where the site suggests your next reading based on your past readings. Manga Reader offers high-quality scanned mangas for free reading. Their site is Optimized and you can open it on your PC or tab or even on your smartphone for the right binge-reading session.

Access: Free


#5. MangaDex


MangaDex is one of the best alternatives to MangaStream for its unique facilities. It offers the best variations in manga versions. A reader can choose from a traditional black and white or a colored manga for reading. MangaDex has a large collection of official mangas. Additionally, you can read doujinshi( fan-made and self–published mangas) and crossover mangas from here. Additionally, you can read any management in nearly 20 different languages! MangDex also offers forums and communities for manga lovers to interact and share the news. This website is great for any manga lover.

Access: Free


#6. MangaHere


MangaHere is a new website that offers free manga scans to readers around the world. This site has been able to evade bans and legal issues by regularly changing its URL and domain name. They have a large collection of mangas, manhwas(Korean manga), Chinese mangas, and even European comics. And, you can access all these contents for free. It is a neat website with properly Categorized mangas and a great search bar. MangaHere also offers you spoilers and notifications about your favorite manga.

Access: Free


#7. KissManga


KissManga offers you more than 100000 mangas for free and they add new releases as soon as they are published. You get to read high-quality translated and scanned pages for free. It is a great site and can be opened on any device. KissManga is user-friendly and allows you to search for your manga without any hassle. You can make your profile and create a manga list here. Therefore, if you are reading manga in KissManga you can get a personalized experience.

Access: Free


#8. MangaOwl


This free-streaming manga website is infamous for releasing the latest issues of any manga before their official global release. It is another good alternative if you cannot access Manga Stream. A reader can surf through their huge database of mangas neatly prearranged in 52 different genres. You will be able to find any manga from this site within seconds. You can also read from their different lists like the most popular, recent releases. And the biggest benefit? You do not need to pay a single penny to read all these great mangas.

Access: Free


#9. MangaFreak


It is a unique choice among MangaStream’s best alternative websites. Because MangaFreak allows you to download any manga free of cost. That means, with this website, you can stream manga online or offline at your convenience. It is not a very popular site but it is worthy of a mention for its services. MangaFreak comes with a large directory of mangas from different genres. The website is also pretty good and can be accessed from any kind of device. It has some ad pop-ups but compensates with its amazing collection and reading experience. You can check your past reading in the history section. And their download speed is also very quick.

Access: Free


#10. MangaTown


This is the last website on this list. This site may be a little bit old in appearance but its collection is great. It offers you free comics in English and Italian. Although you do not get to see the cover page of manga on the home page, it loads while you read the particular manga. From classic mangas to new ones, it updates everything regularly and keeps you entertained.

Access: Free



Q1. Is MangaStream legal?

MangaStream offers free streaming of copyrighted content without any permission. This is piracy. And piracy is a punishable offense in many countries. Therefore, MangaStream is not legal.

Q2. Can you download mangas from MangaStream?

MangaStream only offers online free streaming of the latest and classic mangas. It does not allow you to download the comics. But, the reading experience is pretty great.

Q3. What are some of the popular genres of mangas in MangaStream?

MangaStream offers mangas from different genres. But, shoujo mangas, shonen mangas, josei mangas, and action mangas are always popular.

Q4. Which popular mangas are available in MangaStream?

Some of the popular mangs that you can read in MangaStream are- Naruto, Bleach, One-piece, Black Bulter, Dragon Balls, Fairy Tail, Boku no Hero Academia, etc. Additionally, many other popular mangas are also available for readers.

Q5. Are there any charges for reading mangas in MangaStream?

No, MangaStream offers free streaming of all their mangas. Therefore, you do not need to pay any charges to read the mangas. You also do not need to register on this website.


MangaStream is well known for its large and diverse database of different types of mangas. Users can read these mangas online for free. But, since it is a pirated site you may not be able to access it in your country. In this case, you can opt for any of the alternatives from it and read your manga without any problem. But primary often prevents the mangaka and their producers from earning their money. So, if you want to support your favorite mangaka you can buy their creation legally or read them from a paid platform.