10 Best Meme Generator & Meme Makers Online (Free to Use) in 2023

[Best Meme Generator] Most people take to social media to unwind and relax after a hard day at work. Memes are one of the most popular forms of digital content as they evoke a light-hearted response in the viewer. They are a central part of online conversations across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Best Meme Generator

With Internet memes emerging as the most shareable form of content, brands have started incorporating them into their marketing strategies. Let us look at the top ten meme-making tools that you can use for free.

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Best Meme Generator & Meme Makers Online

1. InVideo

InVideo is the most versatile editing tool and has thousands of templates. There are several dedicated meme templates that you can use for hilarious content. You can then personalize the meme by adding stickers, GIFs, texts, and other media.

InVideo has a media library with a rich collection of stock files that you can leverage in your memes. If you are creating meme videos, InVideo lets you add upbeat music to improve the humor appeal. InVideo is the best meme generator as it has pre-made templates you can use and can design your own templates too.

2. Filmora Free Meme Maker

The Filmora Free Meme Maker is one of the few tools that let you create watermark-free memes without logging in. The tool has a drag-and-drop interface, and you can place text anywhere in the frame. You can also select a solid background to input the caption. With the Filmora Meme Generation, altering the color, position, and size of texts can be completed in no time. The platform is integrated with Facebook and Instagram, making it easier for you to share your edited memes.

3. Livememe

Livememe is designed exclusively for meme creation and has a straightforward interface. The homepage has thousands of popular images. You can select an image and click on the ‘Create a Meme’ option from the dropdown. You can then make your selection from the thumbnails of all popular memes.

Alternatively, you can upload your images to the Livememe tool and personalize them with relevant text and media. The edited memes can either be stored on your computer or can share through the web portal.

4. Wondershare Pix Studio

Wondershare Pix Studio is the ideal meme tool for situations where you wish to create hilarious content from your images. You can easily upload your image and add relevant filters. Post that, the use of texts and colors to personalize your mem. Wondershare Pix Studio offers you several meme templates making this an ideal solution for creating memes on the go. Brands that create frequent memes around their products often rely on Wondershare Pix Studio for their meme creation needs.

5. Quickmeme

If you are not familiar with editing and need a simple tool, Quickmeme is the ultimate solution. Here, you begin your editing journey by setting up your account or logging on with your Facebook credentials. You then select the ‘upload a funny’ option to create a meme with your image or a stock image. The ‘caption a meme’ subsection lets you add textual content. If you are out of meme ideas, you can check out the featured meme section of the Quickmeme tool to know what is trending in the digital world.

6. Canva

If you are looking for a professional touch to your meme-making, Canva is a perfect choice. There are hundreds of studio-like meme templates, and you have complete creative freedom in meme creation. There are more than a million stock photo options in Canva, and you will find something for all types of videos. The wide selection of image filters and font choices make it ideal for creating marketing meme content.

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7. Imgur

Although Imgur was traditionally portrayed as an image-hosting platform, you cannot ignore its meme-creation features. To leverage its meme-creation abilities, you can either upload your funny images or choose from one of the available default images.

The addition of text overlays and other meme customizations is simple, and you can create a quality meme in less than a minute. The fact that Imgur also comes with an image hosting service is an advantage for brands that are exploring all aspects of digital marketing.

8. Meme Generator

Meme Generator is another simple tool that you can use to add funny captions to your images. While the editing functionalities of the Meme Generator are rather restricted, you can customize the characters and add text.

The tool gives you easy access to the popular images used in memes. The USP of Meme Generator is the ability to share edited memes across multiple social platforms.

9. Make a Meme

Make a Meme is one of the most intuitive tools for creating custom memes. Upon launching the tool, you will see images of the most popular memes. When you select one of these, you will be taken to a screen where you can select the text’s style, position, and a custom title.

Post the selections, and clicking on the ‘Make a Meme’ option will get you the prepared content. Make a Meme also allows you to upload an image of your choice and customize the meme title. Here, you have the luxury of previewing memes at every stage of content creation. This gives you better control over the editing.

10. iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG has a clear interface, and the home page allows you to select whether to use a meme template or build memes from scratch. When you select a template, there will be default text boxes. You can add texts to these boxes, remove the boxes or add new text boxes altogether. It is one of the few tools that let users add more than two lines of text.  iLOveIMG also lets you add an image on top of another, thus opening the doors to a future of meme possibilities.

Final Words

Most content creators enjoy preparing memes as much as the viewers like to watch them. With the above tools, you can take your meme game a notch higher. While there is no guaranteed path to meme success, the appropriate use of the above tools will allow you to create content that stands out and has a higher chance of getting viral.