Zeiss’ full-frame Android Camera at preorder for $6,000

The Zeiss ZX1 is announced again after two years of its first launch. The company did not talk about it after its initial announcement. Moreover, now there is a hope that this unique phone will hit the market soon in near future. In the prior release, it was going to get launched at the start of 2019.

Well, one would wonder for what reason the company has such a high price of this Camera? Zeiss ZX1 is worthy of its cost. It has a 37MP full-frame sensor, an electronic viewfinder, a fixed 35mm f/2 lens. I also got three dials for control apertures, shutter speed, and ISO. The Camera has very new technology as it has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Android OS, a built-in adobe version lightroom. With this, you can edit the photo right on your device. There is no need for transferring the Photos to Phone or Laptop/Desktop to make any changes in the Photo. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, USB C port jack, and 512 GB onboard storage. Zeiss always shows full confidence in its optics performance.

The comparison of this product with the Camera launched by Sony five years ago is quite evident for the customers. Sony’s RX1 compact cameras were also offering a full-frame sensor and 35mm f/2 lenses. The cost of this camera was just $3,300 in 2015. So, here the question will arise that will the customers invest extra money for a few additional features. As the Zeiss’ Camera is just having a lightroom attribute in addition to the other qualities present in the camera present in the market. Because one can install the App in their Phones or PC for editing the photos. It’s totally up to them whether they want to spend extra money on it or not,

According to the B&H photo site, the starting cost of ZX1 will be $6,000 on preorder. If Zeiss ZX1 gets any defect in its software in the future the price may go down. But, this is not clear after what time the device will come to market since the company is yet not telling any date of release for the product.

Source: theverge.com