Reddit Alternative | 8 Sites like Reddit in 2023

Reddit is definitely one of the most popular websites on the internet that is used for getting updates on what is happening on the internet. Starting from technologies, cool inventions, entertainment, politics, etc. you will get news about different things under one roof if you are using Reddit. It does have a huge audience, and you can also be anonymous and enter into free discussions on various topics. Apart from Reddit, one can also use other alternatives as Reddit.

Apart from Reddit, one can also use other alternatives as Reddit is now declining with many users. So the best Reddit alternatives are stated below:

8 Addictive Sites Like Reddit Everyone Should Check Out

1. Voat


Voat is a great alternative to Reddit(A true replica of Reddit). Reddit has the same user interface and if you have used it for a long time, then switching to vote will not be a tough task. Only a few differences are there between these two websites. In Reddit, you will find “r” in everything but in voat, you will get “v”. In comparison to Reddit, Voat is said to be very lenient. On this website, you can easily post anything that does not fall under the category of illegal content. If you take part in some programs and provide quality content, then you will also get paid for it.

2. 9Gag


9Gag is a great alternative to Reddit and it is a simple website where people can submit funny images or internet memes in order to make people laugh. It has already grown into a big community filled with amazing people. People can easily post important things here, along with discussions having worthy content. If you check out the comment section of this website then it is filled with funny comments. It also has different sections that will cater to the requirements of people having different needs.

3. Slashdot


Slashdot is an online website that has a lot of content for the geeks. If you want to know about any latest technology then you can use this website. It is quite true that searching for different news and reading it on various websites is a difficult task so here you will get everything under one roof. It has all the technological news that is coming from a hundred sources. If you are interested then you can also join the discussions and comment as well in order to let people know about your opinion.

4. Hubski


Hubski is quite similar to that of Reddit and Voat but it has one of the most important differences and that is all the submits will be ranked depending on the share count or the downvote or upvote ratio. This website is loaded with a lot of cool features and will also allow every user to perform comment tagging that is quite similar to that of Twitter’s hashtags. This is social networking or discussing a site where people can share their thoughtful information and initiate conversation. One will be able to find several interesting stories, events, and ideas.

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5. Product Hunt

Product Hunt

ProductHunt is a website where people hunt to get the perfect products. Starting from the greatest and the latest products it will have news about everything under one roof. Starting from website design, the hottest games, mobile apps, the technology sector, and much more news are available here. People will be able to create a list that will contain their favorite topics. You can also comment on the creation of other users. Here you will get amazing shares made by people who are interested in technological stuff. One can also place an opinion about the technological sector.

6. Hacker News

Hacker News

Hacker News is a straightforward and simple website where you can get the aggregation of news that is available on the internet. It will not have any flashy signs, widgets, or sidebars. You will be able to access all the news from different corners of the world. If you are a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, geek, starter enthusiast, or anyone, you will get your desired news on this website. Every news will get an upvote by the user in order to label it as important news. The news items that are provided here are sourced from various popular publications. Before you submit any story you will have to register your account.

7. 4Chan


4Chan is also an alternative to Reddit and it is going to provide you with the popular communities. This website is like an image board that will allow the user to post different types of images on their favorite boards. One can also comment on the shares of other people. One can easily participate in the communities where they are interested without even registering an account. It has several categories or different boards and it is not limited to video games, technology, movies, music, Japanese anime, etc. One can also post anything on this website anonymously.

8. Quora


Quora is a great platform where one can have answers to all their questions. It is a great place if you want to have some intelligent conversation which is sprouting from simple questions. While using this website, a user will have to ask questions to other users in order to find the relevant answers. Everyone will share their opinions and knowledge about a particular topic. You will have to select the topics in which you have your interest. When you will answer any question it will increase the expert level of your profile in the community. One can follow other people as well.

Final Words

All the sites which are mentioned above are a great alternative to Reddit. If you’re looking for something new then you can opt for these 8 websites each having its own functionality and uniqueness.