How to Fix “Cannot Verify Server Identity” Error on iPhone in 2023[Best 8 Ways]

When you try to get connected with any website, your IP goes through a server check to establish a secure network. In certain cases when the mail server cannot respond to your request, you will always receive such errors on your iPhone. In short, every iPhone goes through a verification procedure before connecting to the server. It is one of the most common things that most people face while using an iOS or a different mail application. If you are facing a server identity problem regularly with your iPhone, it needs to be corrected immediately. You can read below know more how to know about how to rectify this error “Cannot Verify Server Identity” from your iPhone.

Best 8 Working Ways to Fix “Cannot Verify Server Identity” Error on iPhone

#1. Restart Your iPhone

If you get an alarm saying that your iPhone “can’t verify worker personality”, the main activity is restarting your iPhone. This basic advance can once in a while fix a minor programming glitch that could be causing this error.

To restart your iPhone, press and hold the force button until you see a slide to control off and show up close to the highest point of your iPhone’s presentation. Utilize a finger to swipe the red force symbol from the left to the option to kill your iPhone.

Stick around a moment, then press and hold the force button again to betray. You can deliver the catch once the Apple logo shows up at the focal point of the showcase on your iPhone.

#2. Close and Restart the Mail App

At the point when the mail application isn’t working appropriately, give shutting a shot of the application and return it. This can infrequently resolve minor issues if the application’s product is smashed while you were utilizing it.

To finish off the Mail application, double-click the Home catch, which will open up the App Switcher. Go through a finger to swipe on the Mail application until it no longer shows up in the App Switcher.

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#3. Reset All Settings

At the point when you reset all settings, the entirety of the information from the Settings application on your iPhone will be deleted. Programming issues can be difficult to find, so we’ll reset all settings to ensure we delete the issue.

To reset all settings, open up the Settings application, then tap General > Reset > Reset All Settings. If you have a password or a Restriction password, you’ll be incited to enter them. When you do, tap Reset All Settings when the affirmation alert shows up at the lower part of your iPhone’s presentation.

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#4. A Mismatch Between Domain Name and Server Name

Many facilitating organizations give the mail worker name as ““.

Though, the certificate of the mail worker will be in the organization ““.

While designing the iPhone clients put in their mail worker as “”, however, when the iPhone gets the certificate, it sees the name “” imprinted in it. the iPhone plays safe and imprints the certificate as untrustworthy.

Change mail server name – In situations where the facilitating client has a VPS account, we change the mail worker name to coordinate the certificate name.

Fix mail configuration – If the facilitating client is a Shared Hosting client, we help them change iPhone’s mail worker settings to utilize “” rather than “”.

Setup a free dedicated certificate –For VPS clients who didn’t utilize a substantial certificate (eg. self-marked certs are untrusted), we arrange certificates from Let’s Encrypt, which is a substantial CA that gives free SSLs.

#5. Changing SSL Settings

By and large, debilitating SSL can likewise fix the error.

The specific advances include:

  • Open the Settings application and peruse Passwords and Accounts.
  • Tap the mail application that is causing issues.
  • Next, Select the enlisted Account.
  • Navigate to Advanced settings and impair the Use SSL highlight.

In any case, sending emails over non-secure techniques can change your information.

#6. Check the Date & Time Settings

Much the same as what we’ve referenced over, the “Can’t Verify Server Identity” error could be brought about by inappropriate date and time settings on your iPhone.

Part of Apple’s verification cycle is browsing your email’s security certificate date to check whether it coordinates the date on your telephone. If these two don’t coordinate with each other, then you can hope to see the error message without fail.

To fix this, ensure that your date and time settings coordinate the timezone in your present area.

  • On your iPhone, tap on the Settings application to open it.
  • Inside Settings, tap on the General tab.

#8. Re-Login to Your Email Account

If you are having issues with your organization’s email address, it is conceivable that your organization has refreshed its worker settings which can here and there cause issues with the Mail application. To fix this, you can take a stab at erasing the dangerous email from your iPhone and adding it back again to revive the information put away on your telephone.

To erase an email address from your iPhone, look at the guide underneath:

  • On your iPhone, tap on the Settings application to dispatch it.
  • Inside Settings, tap on Passwords and Accounts.
  • From that point onward, tap on the email account that you are having issues with and tap the Delete Account button.
  • Finally, tap on the Delete Account button to continue with the activity.
  • After this, thumbs up and add the email account back to your iPhone, and check whether you would even now see a similar error when you open the Mail application.

#7. Update your iPhone

If refreshing the Mail application was sufficiently not to determine the issue on your iPhone, you can take a stab at checking for a report on iOS which can likewise have basic bugs that may make applications not work appropriately.

Follow the guide underneath on the most proficient method to check for a report on your iPhone:

To begin with, open the Settings application from the primary screen.

From that point onward, tap on the General tab.

Finally, tap on Software Update. Your iPhone would naturally check for any product refreshes, if accessible, follow the on-screen prompts to introduce the update to your telephone.

Trust that the update will finish which could require a few minutes. Now, return to the Mail application to check if you would have the option to utilize it typically subsequent to refreshing.

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If you are still facing a “Cannot Verify Server Identity” problem with your mobile iPhone, it is likely that the problem exists with your email server. To get rid of this, you will have to take care of your email server. There are many possible ways by which you can get this done. However, the best option would be to open it for a quick email reset. This will allow you to get rid of the server identity error and you can configure your email later. Do let us know if you are facing any other problems below.