Simple Ways To Use Dry Cleaning Solvent For Stain Removal in 2023

There are certain types of clothes that you can’t just wash in any usual detergent. The fabrics are expensive and different from the usual fabrics. You need to take special care of such special dresses every time, especially while washing. Any usual clothes detergent can be harsh on your favorite dresses as those may contain bleach and other rough chemicals. That’s why many people prefer to go for dry cleaning of those clothes at laundries. Due to dry cleaning the longevity of those fibers increases and you can keep your dresses intact for a long time. Now, many of you hesitate to send your favorite dresses to the laundry for dry cleaning as you are afraid that will damage the dress. In that case, you can also buy or prepare a dry cleaning solvent at home and wash your expensive clothes in it. 

Today, we will get an account of the Dry Cleaning Solvent For Stain Removal and also find out the usage of this material. Read on to know more.

Dry Cleaning Solvent For Stain Removal

What Is Dry Cleaning Solvent?

Before knowing anything more about this, you need to know what it is. Dry cleaning solvent is available in different forms like powder, spray, liquid, and so on. Actually, this solvent is called ‘dry’ because it doesn’t contain any water. You can buy it in liquid form, but due to the absence of water, the object is known as ‘Dry’.

Dry cleaning solvent is used for removing stubborn stains from your clothes. No water is used for dry cleaning as often water can spread the stain even more. Usually, such solvents are used to remove the stain from the surface without using water. Once the stain is removed, the solvent will evaporate. You can find this item at online stores or from any grocery shop.

Usage of Dry Cleaning Solvent Dry Cleaning Solvent For Stain Removal

It is really difficult to remove stains from the carpets, curtains, or from any upholstery. You can’t wash such things in the usual washing machine and also those won’t get soused in the water completely. To wash off the stain and grease from such objects, dry cleaning is the easiest and the most convenient method. 

Besides this, dry cleaning solvent can also work wonders on removing ink stains from your clothes that won’t go by normal wash. If your clothes get oil-based ink and grease while working in factories, washing cars, or by any other means, you need to use dry cleaning solvent to get back your clothes as it was. 

You can use dry cleaning solvent as the ultimate resort if no other methods work out to remove the stains. Actually, an issue of the environment is entwined with the usage of dry cleaning solvents.

Is Dry Cleaning Solvent a Threat to the Environment?

Using too many chemicals is always bad for the environment and dry cleaning solvent is just not a single type of chemical, but there are lots of chemicals are used like tetrachloroethylene, dibutoxymethane, white spirit, and carbon tetrachloride. Any of these chemicals are not known as environment-friendly. Besides, the solvents are petroleum-based and come from a non-renewable source of energy. So, too much usage of dry cleaning solvent will cause environmental degradation to some extent.

Besides that, the solvent comes with a strong smell which is not good for your health. That’s why it is always recommended to use dry cleaning solvents in a well-ventilated area. Though it is true that dry cleaning solvents can remove stubborn stains faster, it is always recommended to use other methods of stain removal. Still, if you need to use it, use it in limited quantity.

Steps to Use Dry Cleaning Solvent

As you know the product is not eco-friendly, you should not use it randomly. If it is the only way to remove stains then only go for it. There also you need to maintain proper ways of using it. Have a look:

  • You should always go for a patch test before using a dry cleaning solvent to clean your clothes, upholstery, carpets, etc. You need to make sure whether the composition damages the colors or the fabrics or not.
  • You should check whether the item is suitable for dry cleaning on the level. If there is any mention of ‘Wash normally’ or ‘Not for dry cleaning’, you should not use the dry cleaning solvent on it.
  • To remove the stain from the upholstery you need to take a small amount of dry-cleaning solvent on a piece of white cloth and dab it on the stained area.
  • There is no need to use much as a little amount will spread and can remove the stain quite well and quickly. You also don’t need to pour it directly on the stain.
  • If you are using the dry cleaning solvent on your clothes or anywhere that you can wash in the washing machine, make sure you wash off the solvent before putting it in the machine.
  • Also, you should wash off the surface area of carpets or any such items that you can’t wash as a whole in the washing machine to remove as much solvent as possible. You can soak a piece of white cloth in water and dab it on the area to wash off the solvent.

If the solvent is not washed off properly, there will be a ring-like area left on the treated area.

From Where Can You Find Dry Cleaning Solvent?

Actually, the dry cleaning solvent may not be available in regular shops near your house. You will find appropriate shops that sell laundry items or you can find them online.

?Bonus: Prepare Dry Cleaning Solvent at Home

Now, it is quite clear to you that the dry cleaning solvent is not environment-friendly and due to the chemicals and the smell of the product, it is not healthy to use much. The commercially available dry cleaning solvents are not free from chemicals and such smells. So, is there any way to make the product less harmful? Yes, you can make dry cleaning solvent at home and that won’t be that much dangerous as the available ones in the market. How to prepare a dry cleaning agent at home? Here, we have discussed two methods for your benefit. Read on to know more

1. Detergent-Based Solvent

To prepare a Detergent-Based Solvent at home, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Take unscented regular laundry detergent and dilute it with water. Make sure the ratio should be 1:20. If you don’t want to get in touch with chemicals, you can use certain detergents that are leveled as ‘environment-friendly or marked green’.

Step 2: Now, dab the solution on the stained areas of the garments you want to clean. Use a paper towel to blot on the areas. You need to pay special attention to the areas that have been stained deeply and discolored. Now damp a pillowcase and put the dress inside it. Fold the pillowcase properly and secure it with a safety pin.

Step 3: put the pillowcase inside the dryer and set the heat to low. Let it tumble for 20 minutes or so. Put off the dryer and bring out the pillowcase. Open it and get the garment. Hang it in an open area so that it gets enough air and light.

Thus, you can get rid of the stubborn stain from your dress at home without using any harsh chemical-based, commercial dry cleaning agent.

2. Wheat Bran-Based Solvent

This is another effective and environment-friendly way to make and use a dry cleaning solvent without damaging your health and clothes. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Mix one cup of wheat bran with white vinegar. Add vinegar slowly into the wheat bran until it becomes a large lump.

Step 2: Put the garment you want to wash into a dry pillowcase and also place the lump of wheat bran inside. Now, fold the opening of the pillowcase and attach it with a safety pin. Shake well the pillowcase thoroughly so that the lump gets in contact with the garment well.

Step 3: Remove the garment from the pillowcase and shake again to get off any wheat bran attached to it.

You are done now. The stain will be gone. If you wish you can wash off your garment normally in the washing machine. This method is absolutely environment-friendly as no chemicals are used in it. So, there will be no harm to your health if you follow this method.


Hopefully, now you know what dry cleaning solvent is and how to use it. Commercial dry cleaning solvents are full of chemicals, so you should limit using them. Also, you need to know the proper ways of using it so that it won’t damage your lovely possession. Buy it online or from any laundry-based shops to get a good product. Else, you can also try DIY methods of preparing dry cleaning solvent and use it. We have mentioned two methods that are simple and not harmful at all. Try these and you will definitely get a good result.