Does WinCo Take Apple Pay? Here’s How I Pay There in 2023

Cash payments have almost become a thing of the past. Today, most retail stores accept online forms of payment, meaning you can make a transaction using your e-wallet. This is a convenient option for both parties.

Does WinCo Accept Apple Pay

Carrying hard cash is a hassle, and therefore, it is replaced with digital payment methods. It is safer because you don’t need to worry about losing your money.

If you are a regular shopper at WinCo and use an iPhone, you would want to know if they accept Apple Pay. Many people consider Apple Pay as the safest form of online payment, so this is a legit question to ask. Let’s find out the answer in the post below.

Pay Using Apple Pay at WinCo?

To keep it short and simple, WinCo doesn’t accept Apple Pay. The only payment options available at their stores are cheques, EBT, WIC, debit cards, and cash.

Despite being a giant retail store, they don’t accept any form of online payment. This may be a big inconvenience for customers, but that’s how they operate. However, you can still go cashless even without any online forms of payment.

Why Does WinCo Not Accept Apple Pay?

With most retail stores accepting Apple Pay, you might wonder what makes WinCo different. The main reason WinCo doesn’t accept Apple Pay is security issues. They recently raised security concerns against Apple Pay.

As you all know Apple Pay offers the most secure mode of payment. So it is surprising to see WinCo having security issues with using Apple Pay at their stores.

Another possible reason can be the high payment processing fees charged by Apple Pay to retailers. As per reports, Apple Pay charges an average of 2.75% to process payments. Additionally, they have a fee of 0.30%.

If you do the calculation, WinCo would have to pay 3.15% more for using Apple Pay. So this could be a legit reason for not accepting Apple Pay at their stores.

While this is a good thing because WinCo is trying to save its profits, it is bad news for customers. For someone who likes to go cashless, they might find it a big inconvenience and they might even avoid going to WinCo.

?Does WinCo Accept Contactless Payment?

The simple answer to this is no. WinCo doesn’t accept any contactless form of payment. You are allowed to make purchases with only cards or cash.

Other Payment Options Supported By WinCo

In a time when online payment methods are dominating the market, WinCo is one of the few companies that act against it. It doesn’t accept any form of online payment. Whether it is Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, you cannot use any of these payment modes at WinCo.

You might assume that making a transaction at WinCo must be difficult. However, that is not true. Instead of online payment methods, it offers other convenient options such as debit cards, coupons, cash, WinCo gift cards, or prepaid credit cards.

If you don’t feel safe carrying hard cash, you can use ATMs at WinCo to withdraw your money. It charges a very minimal amount, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

WinCo accepts debit card payments. They support Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, American Express, Quest, Plus, Novus, and Star debit cards. Instead of carrying cash, you can simply take your debit card with you.

All WinCo outlets have ATMs. So even if your debit card is not accepted by the store, you can withdraw the amount from the ATM and make the payment.

Other Companies That Accept Apple Pay

While WinCo doesn’t accept Apple Pay, other retailers do. If you are not comfortable with the payment methods offered by WinCo, you can go with these alternatives for your shopping.

Here is the list of companies that accept Apple Pay:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Publix
  • Lowe’s
  • CVS
  • Circle K
  • Wawa

All of the mentioned stores accept Apple Pay, which means you can go cashless. Some of these stores accept other online payment methods as well.

Final Thoughts

Even though WinCo doesn’t accept Apple Pay, you can choose from the other available payment methods to make a transaction. As a customer, you can make payments using your credit card, cash, debit card, WinCo gift cards, coupons, etc.

The easiest way to make a transaction at any WinCo store is to use a debit card. All WinCo outlets have ATMs, so you can easily withdraw money from them to make your payment. This will spare you from carrying cash with you.

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