Devialet Launches $299 Gemini Wireless Earbuds

Devialet, founded in 2007, is a French technology company that produces the speakers and the amplifiers. Devialet’s range of wireless speakers, known as PHANTOM, and the series of amplifiers, EXPERT PRO got good reviews from the people all over. Devialet launched a pair of wireless earbuds called Gemini which is the first new product launched in the last two years. The company is getting into the portable audio for the first time in history with the brand new pair of Gemini earbuds.

Gemini wireless earbuds

The pricing of the product has left back the Apple’s $249 Air pods pro as well as the Samsung’s $169 Galaxy Buds Live. The CEO of Devialet, Franck Lebouchard told CNBC that two years ago, they were struggling to decide which should be their next product in the market. Also, he specified the reason for the launch of the exclusive earbuds, that the decision on true wireless was for offering a great sound experience to many people and not only audiophiles.

The loud and bass-heavy Phantom speakers of the Devialet in the earlier launches received great feedback right from the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk to the star of the YouTube Marques Brownlee. The company is partnering with Huawei for building its smart speaker, the Sound X.

The CEO of the Devialet added that they are investing a lot in China and announced China as the firm’s second-largest market after France. The company also mentions that these earbuds, with pressure balance architecture, are designed for the best quality experience. This uses 3 depression chambers inside each of the earbuds for ensuring the inner pressure. This preserves the quality of the audio.

The battery life itself of the earbuds is for 8 hours in a single charge. The charging case has a battery storage of around 24 hours. Also, the battery of the case is replaceable. There is a 10mm high excursion custom driver and also the earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth/aptX.

Along with the two microphones for each ear, the company also provides a dedicated microphone for voice. The Gemini earbuds have their operating system (iOS) and Android application, from where the user can customize the sound features with an equalizer. Also, the earbuds support the goggle assistant and Siri, so even the simple commands will help you do your desired task without an actual issue.

The Gemini earbuds will be available for preorder from the 10th of October, 2020. The price of these earbuds is $299. The company says that the earbuds would go on sale only on the store of “The likes of Harrods and Selfridges” and on its own “Devialet’s store”.