? You Needs to Know About Thermal Paste (2019 Updated Buyer’s Guide)

Heatsinks are present in a computer that will help in dissolving the heat which is generated from the computer. The passive heat exchanging component called heatsink will take in all the heat that is generated by the electronic devices and it will be using any liquid or air cool and for dissipating the generated heat for regulating the device heat. It is very important in order to avoid any type of overheating. The main part of the entire system of cooling is the thermal paste.

Defining Thermal Paste:

Thermal paste is the paste which is used for heat conduction and it will be placed between the device and the heat sink in order to maintain the optimum temperature. One can also place it between other types of components like the AC cooler and CPU. Thermal paste will help in proper heat conduction. All the coolers and CPUs are having minute imperceptible imperfections which have the potential of trapping air that can reduce the efficiency of the heat sink. One can also get much thermal paste alternative in the market that will work efficiently.

With the help of thermal paste, one can easily smooth out the surfaces for helping them to work efficiently. The heatsink is used for conducting heat. With the help of heat conduction, the surface which is generating hit will get cooler as it will be transferring the heat away from it.

How It Works & How You Should Apply It

Concave and Convex Heat Spreader:

Concave And Convex Heat Spreader

The heat spreaders of AMD is quite higher and is towards the center when compared to Intel which is having higher edges. According to several studies, the approach used by AMD is much suited for cooling. The CPU is creating the pressure for mounting that is enabling the cooling procedure and it is having a thermal compound which is quite thin and that is where the maximum heat is going to be transferred. So we can understand that the CPU of Intel must have a better thermal paste and one should ensure that no traces of air gaps are left near the center.

How Pressure can Affect the Spreading of Thermal Paste:

Whenever any pressure is applied in the thermal paste it will get equally distributed towards the sides. So if you are opting for the mounting methods of low pressure then you should always utilize a paste that is having lower viscosity.

Specifications that is related to the thermal paste is containing thermal resistance but it cannot always predict the performance in the real world for any particular combination comprising of cooler, paste and CPU. If you are using any thermal compound that is mismatched then it can easily cripple the heat sink. Instead of picking any thermal compound by looking into the price that one must find the perfect match between paste and cooler.

The Method of Application

It will be a tricky job when it comes to picking any method for applying this paste. If there is a proper ratio between viscosity and paste quantity then it will work in a very optimal manner. If you think that you can spread the paste based on the entire CPU then it will be a pointless application. Learn about all the particularities of CPU, heat spreader, heat sink, and mounting method.

Pastes with Lower Viscosity and Brushes:

Pastes with Lower Viscosity and Brushes

There are several liquid pastes available in the market which are very easy to use and apply with the brush like Revoltec Thermal Grease Nano. The thermal conductivity will get impacted if you are using a paste with lower viscosity with the content of high silicone. If you are opting for any paste that is semi-liquid then it will also create a lot of mess which is not an optimal way.

Wall Paintings or Sausage, Drop?

If you are trying to spread a thermal paste of high viscosity with your credit card then you will be wasting a lot of time without achieving anything. One can also use the latex glove and use it with their index finger but there are chances that you will be wasting a lot of paste if you don’t have enough practice. So if the viscosity is high then the chances of failure rise.

STRIP METHOD: If you feel that the CPU is dying under heat spreader then you must apply a paste strip over that particular area. Make sure you are not applying an excess of it because it will be oozing out from the other sides which can escalate to hardware damage because it will become electrically conductive.After applying the strip of paste don’t worry about the bare spots and the heat spreader edges will not be contributing much to the entire process of thermal transfer.

If the cooler has a back plate and it is applying a considerable amount of the mounted pressure then the chances of the paste getting scattered will be there. If the viscosity of the paste is low and the mounting pressure is high then the compound will keep on spreading.

IDEAL DROP: Irrespective of whether you are an enthusiast or newbie you will be able to easily use the drop method and it will work very optimally with the paste containing high viscosity even if you are applying the paste on the cooler which is applying a decent amount of mounting pressure.

Make sure you are not applying a very little amount of paste from the fear of over applying anything. It can happen that you are not covering all the hot spots where heat is generated or hurting the thermal conductivity as it will lead to the CPU overheating. Ensure to learn about the type of cooler that you were using. The back plate and heat sink which will be used will be screwed down as it will be able to easily tolerate a lesser amount of paste than any AMD or Intel sink. If you are using a paste which is having high viscosity then you need a cooler that can easily apply huge pressure and here you can also use extra paste when needed.

Always try to spread a thin layer which is covering all the sides optimally. Do not opt for the extra generous slathering. Always try to maintain a diameter of 2 mm to 4 mm.

All the manufacturers of CPU also believe the fact that less is more and it is said that the heatsink of AMD will be touching only the two-thirds portion of the heat spreader. If you want higher viscosity then you can apply for the stencil printed paste sports. It is quite solid and it will not ooze out in the outer path and that is why this is the method which is a blessing for the AMD.

The Quantity of Thermal Paste One Should USE

When you are performing gaming on the PC the CPU will be needing thermal paste. You can pick any way for applying it but make sure you are applying a thin layer over the CPU. So, on every side of the CPU make sure you are putting pea size amount of paste. Many people are also making the thermal paste at home.

Ways for Applying in Removing Thermal Paste

When you are applying the thermal paste the prime thing that you will have to do is insert this CPU into the proper circuit of the motherboard. Now put the pea size amount of thermal paste on the CPUs center part and now you will have to take this component and then press it down. After locking this component into proper place the entire paste will be distributed evenly. One can always check it by lifting the component. One can easily move it if it is not applied properly. Removing the thermal paste is very simple so all you need to do is wipe it with the help of any microfiber cloth.

So if you building the perfect PC then the right type of thermal paste for CPU is discussed below. The Thermal paste price will vary depending on the functionalities that it provides.

Noctua NT-H1

Noctua NT-H1 –
Great thermal paste for overclocking

Due to overclocking, the PC will be generating a lot of heat and that is where this Best thermal paste is going to help your CPU to operate optimally. It will reduce the heat by two degrees and it is very easy to apply it and it does not require any settling time. Apart from being affordable, the packaging of this product is also small but it will last you for a very long time. You can use it on the CPU for 3 years and you can store it for at least two years.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut –
Best high-end ceramic TIM

This Best thermal paste is slightly on the expensive side but it is specifically designed for that hardcore and dedicated PC gamers. This paste does not have any conductive power but it is one of the most ideal paste you will ever come across. It does not ask for any settling time and it is very easy to use which makes it one of the most convenient thermal paste available in the market. It will reduce the temperature by 3 to 4 percentage and it has an impressive cooling capability.

Arctic MX-4 –
Best carbon-based

AIt is very easy to use this Best thermal paste and it is extremely cheap. It won’t be conducting any electricity because the applicator does not have the metal component. No camera would appreciate the thought of waiting and that is why this Thermal paste is not demanding any settling time. There are several thermal pastes available in the market but you should always pick the one that can easily reduce the temperature by several degrees because that is where the difference lies.

Arctic Silver 5 – 99.9% silver thermal

If you are searching for the Best thermal paste that is of going to offer you with powerful capabilities of cooling then this is the right Thermal paste for you because it has been made from micronized silver. So it is made up of ceramic paste and that is why one should not use it in any other portion apart from the computer. It can easily dissipate a huge amount of heat when the CPU will be working overtime. There is no settling time that comes with this paste. Moreover silver is less abrasive and harsh than any other thermal paste available on the market made up of my silver material.

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut-Best for GPU and CPU overclocking

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut: This Best thermal paste is quite different because it is not so easy to apply it and it requires some skill. This heat sink should be cleaned by using alcohol and it is also electrical capacitive. One must apply this paste by utilizing the brush that will be provided with the Thermal paste and one should not use it on an aluminum material. This thermal paste can easily reduce the heat by 10 degrees which is very impressive. The cooling will depend on the component present in the PC.

Cooler Master MasterGel Maker

CThe Best thermal paste Cooler master has been in this market for a very long time and it is specifically made for CPUs that are intended for the high performance. It is utilizing the nanodiamonds and it can easily protect the system. The small particles present in it will be able to navigate to small places and ensure better conductivity. The pack will also include the cleaning cloth unlike other Thermal paste and you can easily use this on your CPU for 2 years and you can store it for 2 years as well.

You should always have a prevailing knowledge about a computer when you are picking any thermal paste. Different types of components will be using different types of thermal paste for doing the job effectively. While Arctic MX-4 will be effective as it is the Best thermal paste for overclocking the system and the rest Noctua NT-HT can be used for other big tasks. Never use the Thermal paste that is not compatible with the device because it can lead to overheating and eventually damage your system.


There are different places where you can purchase this thermal paste and make sure you are comparing the prices. Pick the thermal paste depending on your PCs requirement and gaming needs. If you are purchasing the Thermal paste that is specifically for a gaming pc then you will be needing something that can enhance your system when it will be overclocking.

So Thermal paste buy today!