Best Viooz Alternatives | Similar Streaming Sites Like Viooz in 2023

[Viooz]We all love to watch movies in our free time. Now that we have access to numerous online movie streaming sites, things have become so much easier for us. Speaking of movie streaming, Viooz is one of the popular online movie vaults where you can get a huge collection of movies. The site offers you full-length movies in HD quality.

You can find movies of different genres on the site. This includes action, family, adventure, drama, comedy, horror and romance. Apart from that, you will also find many TV shows on the site.

The site is easy to use and navigate because of its user-friendly interface. Also, you don’t have to register yourself on the site. Despite all the good things about the site, sometimes you may face problems. For example, you may not get high-quality movies and buffers. If you are not so happy with Viooz, no worries as you have many other options to avail of. In this article, we will suggest the best Viooz alternatives where you don’t have to face any of these problems.

9 Best Viooz Alternatives

There are many similar sites like Viooz where you can stream HD-quality movies and TV shows for free and that too without any problems. We have covered only 10 of the best alternatives in the list below. Have a look.

#1. Putlocker


If you want to watch your favourite movies for free then there is no other site better than Putlocker. This is one of the most popular movie streaming sites out there. On this site, you can enjoy high-quality movies and also get regular updates on new content. 

The good thing is that you will find all types of genres on this site. You can pick any genre according to your mood or taste and start watching. Searching for movies is also quite easy and the site suggests the latest movies.

#2. Movie4K


This is yet another great movie streaming site where you can watch all your favourite movies for free. They have an unlimited collection of HD-quality movies to watch. You don’t even have to register to watch movies on this site. With its user-friendly interface, the site is super easy to access. The main highlight is that the site offers you the fastest streaming speed. They have a great collection of TV shows as well.

#3. Watch Series TV

Watch Series TV

This site is particularly meant for those who want to watch the latest episodes of the hit TV shows. You can find complete episodes on this site. With their huge collection of TV shows, this site happens to be one of the best out there. They offer you two search options. This includes a normal search bar and an advanced search bar. You don’t have to sign up to start watching your favorite TV shows.

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#4. SolarMovie


If you are looking for HD-quality movies on the web then this is the site for you. The site doesn’t store the films on its server. Instead, it gives the live downloading links of the links. The site is user-friendly and therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems navigating through it. 

You can watch movies and TV shows for free. Before you start watching a movie, you can read its details. All you need to do is click on the movie thumbnail. You can find all the newly released movies on this site. With this site, you can enjoy your leisure time watching movies in HD resolution. Check out the site yourself to get an idea.


The next movie streaming site we have is If you loved using Viooz then you are sure to like this site as well. This free video streaming site has a great collection to offer. It gets movies from video hosting sites to offer it to you. You can find different categories of movies on the site. You can find a few search filters that will help you find the movie that you are looking for.

If you wish to get access to the advanced features then you need to first create an account. The best thing about the site is its mind-blowing collection of movies. With this streaming site on your list, you will never run out of movies again. From action to sci-fi, you will find all genres of movies on this site. The site also has chat and comment sections where you can interact with other visitors.

#6. GOMovies


GOMovies is one of the leading movie streaming sites out there. You can watch full-length movies for free on this site. This is the perfect site for all the movie lovers out there. The best thing about the site is that it provides you with the latest releases. However, the service may not be legal in your country. But that is dependent on the rules and laws you have in your country.

If you are dying to watch any new movie then this could be the perfect place to look for it. You don’t have to pay a single buck to watch movies from this site. The only issue is that the quality of the movies isn’t that great always. If you can adjust a bit with this issue then this could be the best movie-watching site for you.

#7. GoStream


If you love to watch movies and drama in your free time then this is the site for you. On this site, you can watch all your favourite TV shows and movies in a high-quality format. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch movies on this site. It’s free of cost. All you need to do is visit the site and search for the movies that you want to watch. 

Unlike other streaming sites, you don’t even have to sign up or register yourself. This makes things more convenient for you. The site has over 20,000 titles to offer to its visitors. With such a huge collection of movies, you will never have to get bored again. The site also offers you a lot of features that enhance your overall experience. You can visit their trending section to check out the latest movie suggestions.

#8. Vexmovies


If you are looking for the best alternative for Viooz then you should once check out Vexmovies. There are high chances you will like this site too. This online streaming site is free to access and offers you a boatload of movies. Unlike other free streaming sites, Vexmovies does not offer low-quality movies. Instead, it gives you HD-quality movies to enjoy. If you are a movie buff then you are surely going to enjoy this site. Talk about any genre and you will find it here. The site has something in store for everyone. 

The site also gives you many options using which you can find your favourite movie. In case, you don’t find the movie you are looking for you can place a request on the site. They will upload the content in the next 24 hours. This site is also good for those who love to watch movies with subtitles. The site also tells you movie ratings and other details before you start watching it. They update their almost every day means you will never run out of content.

#9. 123Movies


If you watch too many movies then you may already know about 123Movies. This is one of the most popular movie streaming sites that you will find. It is really easy to search for the movies you want to watch on this site. Many of you may not know this but 123Movies has the largest collection of movies in the world. This should give you an idea of whether this site is worth your time or not. 

The site comes with a simple interface and thus, it becomes easier for you to look for the movies you want. You can find different movie genres on this site. If you want to have a great time watching movies then you should visit this site once. This movie streaming site is even better than Viooz.

Final Words

Now that you know the best alternative site to Viooz, you can have a great time checking out these sites. With all these movie streaming sites, you will never run out of movies again.