Guide to Creating a Peaceful Home To Improve Mental Health for Veterans

Mental health needs to be balanced. This balance is achieved through better concentration. When is the well-balanced as well as a relaxed state of mind achieved? Does this start from food, clothing, or from the roof that saves our life? The answer is simple, from the place where we rest our mind and body. This is the home which is the most comfortable place. Even though, when someone is a travel freak when they are back home they feel relaxed and stressless.

A veteran is a person who spent his life in military service for many years. They moved on from regular life to a scheduled or a patterned life. The strict regulations and assigned duties of killing the enemies, saving the nation, following commands, and orders passed. Some of them would have crossed serious physical injury. While some would have faced depression, stress, relationship as well as changes in lifestyle. 

These changes are uncommon in our life. They find it difficult to manage or adapt to the civilian lifestyle. But, it is the duty of every military veteran to make their home peaceful.

The home they construct must be peaceful, calm, acceptable with no war ambiance. It must be more lively and interesting to live in. there needs to be a place that gives a feeling that this is mine. The main concentration is on their health and well-being. The most important aspect of this is the exercise, which strengthens your mind and body. As age increases the type of exercise followed is different accordingly. In this aspect list, yoga, gardening, etc.

Generally, veterans are not from a single era or from the same battle, multiple locations. The total number of veterans in a small population if considered for a year is in millions. Among these, if we calculate the number of mental illness cases might range up to ⅓ rd. The requirement of veterans as numerous as they have to start from assigning specific rooms, nursing facilities, care at residence, etc.


  1. Anxiety
  2. PTSD
  3. Depression
  4. Relationship issues
  5. Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
  6. Stress
  7. Suicide


The levels of anxiety disorder noticed in every study group among veterans and non-veterans are always at elevated levels. This is because they are exposed to more number of deaths, and other non-social activities in a shorter time. There is also a study that shows positive results where the anxiety level is very normal and is bolder than non-veterans. 

These veterans are more prone to suicidal attacks. Thus, they are in need of great care and comfort.

PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

This is an extreme end of anxiety, the most commonly affected people on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the people who met with accidents, abuse or some assault, sexual harassment, terrorist attacks, etc.

In the affected population, they try to avoid hearing, seeing, or talking about such incidents. Some get hyperarousal symptoms in this situation.


The depression is now being probed and treated with efficient drugs. As the treatment needs to be done from the roots and not clear off superficially. Along with this the advantage, as well as disadvantages, are studied.


A team of clinicians checked on to the VA of Oregon region. There were a series of tests conducted, and they found that there was a major loss of grey matter which is a dark tissue of the brain and spinal cord, consisting mainly of nerve cell bodies and branching dendrites. These are placed as three different parts such as left, right insula, and dorsal anterior cingulate.

The relationship confusions are noticed in women veterans. While in men, there are no pregnancy problems but women veterans face stress oriented pregnancy disorders. These problems do not fade away in due course of time but spoil their entire life.

Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

Veterans are the most commonly affected. The disorder is a psychological disease that is chronic and is showing symptoms such as delusion, hallucinations, lack of attention, or concentration, later the patients started hearing voices leading them to mental illness.

The manic- depression has caused a swing between elevation and high level of depression followed by hopeless feeling. These are of four types

  • bipolar I disorder, 
  • bipolar II disorder, 
  • cyclothymic disorder, 
  • other specified and unspecified bipolar disorder

There is a lack of expression noticed in these patients. Their socioeconomic status is also affected according to a study carried forward in 2014. In that study, the team found that the placebo effect was lesser as they consumed oxytocin. 

It was also found that cognitive treatment was showing improvements in the following aspects

  1. memory, 
  2. attention, 
  3. learning ability, and 
  4. problem-solving skills

The daily task carried out was also perfect when compared to other diseases. These schizophrenia patients showed proper work management. 

The number of death cases was not decreasing.


The level of stress noticed in these patients was severe and are uncontrollably leading to a demanding situation. The following are the reasons for such diseases,

  1. Aging, where the patient might be dead earlier due to unwanted stress and emotional imbalance. 
  2. Computer apps help them to stabilize their mind in one aspect and the common apps are games, pictures, videos, etc. 
  3. They could also practice exercise using apps and this helps them to overcome their violating mind to stay in one state.



The next common thing is suicide commitment; veterans are more prone to stressful situations and are emotionally affected, the number of suicidal cases has increased. The level of stress is high in veterans as they had severe exposure to sounds, blood, dead bodies, etc. Thus, they commit suicide due to their inability to withstand their pressure. Around 13% of suicidal cases are noticed in U.S Veterans. 

In recent times, there is advancement in the veterans chatting with their families online. 

This development gives them a better chance to meet their families and talk to a counselor for their confusion etc.

How to Improve Veterans Health

There are multiple ways to support veterans in both their physical and mental state betterment.

To prevent suicides in veterans we as a nation had to support them and bring them up back to the normal state. The major criterion is to donate time and money as veterans live a lonely life it is important to get on with others and the public. 

The regular life events such as crackers, fireworks, and other events bring chaos. It is better to talk to them, spend time to refresh themselves. Never hesitate to talk to them or wait for your chance. Take the go and do your service, be patient, and greet them. These are more prone to ‘signature wounds’ which is not common for all. ‘Volunteering’ is the apt word that can be used for them they will be responsible for all the present-day social activities as they have saved this country. In return when they return and face troubles in moving-on it is our duty to be responsible for bringing them out. 

It is also our responsibility to understand their depression. There are around 10% of them who face depression, and they could not manage themselves to carry out their day-to-day activities and struggle very severely. 

It is each one of our duty to reach out to them and thank them for their incomparable service rendering their life. To keep their life colorful in the following years it is very much important to maintain their rooms according to their wish.

“ Learn how to forget phone – at least when we are in”

When we move on to our house we always feel it is mine. This is how I wanted to be relaxed. To get a feeling like this the veterans take a long time. Even though they came from their war field still they will be in that mindset for few more months to years. This is their recovery phase. During their recovery, they might be coinciding with the above-mentioned reactions such as depression, fear, stress, sudden awakening from sleep, sleeplessness, discomfort on every other societal misuse. But, to relax and make them more lively, it is the public who had to care for them in return.

Creating a Peaceful At-Home Atmosphere for Ventern’s After Returning Home

create a peaceful home

When you think of a peaceful and pleasant place it is your “home”. The home is the single place where all your emotions, respect, the reality is all shown in real with no different Behaviors shown. So, to get this feel, we spend our time in the most loved place.

Just Swirl-up

Shift the loved items to the place where you feel more comfortable than other places at home. It might be your bedroom, hall, guest room, kitchen? Aww!…. Kitchen? Why not it is not a mistake as some of them really love to do cooking than any other work. This gives them a cent percent diversion and satisfaction! Maybe a table from your living room might be suitable for your bedroom which you like most of the time to be spent on. 

Never feel shy to shift the things as per your wish. Happiness is the only thing that you as VETERANS need. 

Move and be Back

A couple who were veterans loved to spend their time in a boat for a year after coming back from the military service. They just moved to a boathouse and spent their wonderful time there together without any gadgets or other external distractions. 

Never Give up for Anything

Create your own ambiance that will suit you. Just for this, never-give-up on anything.  Every small reflection is important in this hectic world of the living. Try to stay calm and relaxed at the place you live in. Get a cup of tea hot or cold as you wish and have it with a pleasant mind.

Cozy Feel is Always a Comfort

Being a little extra-cozy is not bad. As it is always important to comfort yourself rather than keeping your place regular. A bedroom is cozy but, if you add a dim light and a suitable prop for your bed in addition to the regular ones will always keep you calm. Most of them like to keep their couch or sofa a little special as they might love to read a book with an extra layer of a soft blanket. After all, it is your wish to make the place a feel at home one!.

Add Some Green to Your Life!

If you love gardening you can just take some time leaving your mobile or other gadgets aside….. Try to plant some lovely flowers to get a little fresh fragrance. Never look back to the olden days… yes, your service to the nation is done. You have done enough! It is time to take rest and relax. Be for you and live for you! It is not too late to start now!

Maybe a small pleasant smell could give you the best sleep. Cool! Even if you don’t know how to garden there are so many books and websites while you can refer and start today! A proper seed will always grow well without any disturbance if the caretaker cares properly.

If you wish to decorate your interiors alone with artificial flowers then carry forward and start now. Select the loved ones from the market and find a place to place it or it can be done vice-versa. Never it is a mistake.

Now, how do you select a plant? Think and ask these following questions before selecting a plant. 

  1. Which plant de-stress your mind and why? 
  2. To create a happy ambiance which one do you prefer?
  3. Do you have any specified spots to place those plants? If so where?

Think classy! Be broad-minded to choose what you want?  Dont dig-up old drama. Open your eye on majestic palms. It is your period of enjoyment. Just look up to the world and say “I am Resting and Relaxing”. 

The choice is yours, so try to choose the right one! Never miss out your chance to pick-up your lottery!. The plant you choose can be 

  • Eye-catching
  • Best fragrancing
  • Pleasing colours
  • Most importantly, a pleasure to your mind and body through eyes and nose!

See to it that you tick all the qualities without missing any!

Assure yourself for peaceful surroundings

Off From Electronics!

No matter whatever is the situation YOU CAN PUT DOWN THE TECH! Without any hesitation, as nowadays the service providers are most of the time in our life in the form of internet, phone calls, online music videos, etc. almost everyone had become addicted to them. Just throw them out of sight, out of mind. Forget about them and lead a peaceful life enjoying with your best pal or at your best spot. This reduces your stress and fast working brain to come back to normal. 

Do you find a drawer in your home? Just throw them into those and lock it. Use ONLY when there is an emergency!

If you cant then try to

Set a Time

Now fix-up your phone for a specified time! That is from 8 PM to 8 AM, keep it in a distance and determine yourself not to touch it unless it is necessary. True, it is tough initially but as time move-on you will be the best who is leading a healthy life.

Make Your Life Healthy and Energetic

Create a habit…. Continue for 30 days and you will be used to it….

Pick a Match for Your Mood!

Choose few nice smelling scents and use them according to your mood. Maybe you might be the best among the mob wherever you go!

Turn-on Music

Switch on your clutter and cord-free speakers connected via Bluetooth and enjoy your veteran life! Stand different among all the other veterans and show them how life needs to be. Share your Vise ideas to your friends and other for them to enjoy their life….

Follow Mind and Meditate

It is your mind that needs control. So just meditate and create a space for yourself at a corner and live, breathe, feel happy surroundings while meditating. Come out of the fear.

Beautiful Blossoms

Choose some best flowers and see it daily in front of your eyes and enjoy with pleasure.

Good Exercise and Better Sleep

Do a proper workout that will suit you and sleep better. No allergens are to be seen around, forget your past, don’t mingle your work in your sleep, use cotton to give a smooth feel, and a cozy effect, let your curtain stand flow with black curtains to hide the bright light. Invest in dimmer light for the night. Set a thermostat or a humidifier in your lovely place to get the best effect. May be at sleep 65 to 70 degrees temperature is perfect and 35 to 40 degrees humidifying effect will be perfect.

To conclude

The article in general discusses the different ways to prevent mental sickness in veterans and the multiple options to get-over it and lead a healthy life with no tough or fear feelings. Stay active at your lovely environment after your tough struggles. It is the time you give for yourself. Never think twice…. Start today to have a peaceful life ahead