Best Websites To Watch Cartoons Online 👍[2020 Updated]

[Watch cartoons online]In simple terminology, Cartoons are non-realistic or semi-realistic illustration and animation created especially for the enjoyment of children or young adults. However to defy this idea, we can say that Cartoon is one of the best ways to find new conspiracies, and dive deep into the world of children. These days, these illustrations are used for conveying social comedy and pleasing-to-eyes wit in the magazines, political commentary and editorial opinion in newspapers. 

Putting everything apart, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cartoons till date are one of the most favourite forms of entertainment available on internet. It takes you back into your childhood, where you were allowed to watch only Noddy, Cinderella, fairy tale stories, Tom & Jerry, and many more to put in the list. However, most of the people these days complain that classic cartoons are rarely available online for free, which is why we thought that we will compile a list of 15 applications online that provide you cartoons free or with a minimum subscription

So without further ado, let’s walk through some of the sites that allow you to watch cartoons online free of cost.

Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for free

Watching cartoons and enjoying the childhood memories cannot be compared to watching those adult series online. Cartoons are proved to be a great stress-reliever. But, no one has that kind of time to especially sit and watch these cartoons on the television set. Hence, we found a way to watch cartoons starting from any season, any episode, and anytime. So, let go through this list of cartoon channels and watchcartoononline free.


Unlike most of the applications and website portals, Netflix allows the users to explore new and old shows without having to pay subscription for it. Netflix is a sole movie streaming application that allows you to watch unlimited movies and series without advertisements.


Parents, while showing cartoon to their children, are generally worried about adult content. Netflix being a safe online streaming website offers parents parental lock. It also gives an option to make a different account for kids only. 

The online portal has infinite cartoon streaming series and movies, ranging from the oldest shows like Oswald, Noddy, and Power puff Girls to new cartoons like power rangers, Chota Bheem, Doremon and many other animated movies. The good thing is that parents can also enjoy these shows with their children and accompany them in the learning process. 

Netflix offers you 30-days free trail and then you can choose you’re a pack according to your convenience.

  • Free – 30 Days Trail
  • Price (Basic): $7.99/month
  • Price (Standard): $10.99/month
  • Price (Premium): $13.99/month


YouTube as you know offers free video streaming options to parents and children, but with lots of advertisements. YouTube has one of the largest video streaming audiences in the world. It has infinite movies, shows, videos, music videos and many more streaming options for free. You and your children can easily enjoy cartoons on your television set. However, the biggest disturbing factor is the advertisements. There are unlimited advertisements popping up while streaming videos. Hence, YouTube has taken out a way for non-stop streaming. It now offers subscription for minimal rates. So, families can enjoy cartoons and other streaming options at minimum rate.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

As the name suggests, Cartoon network is only available to stream cartoons and animated movies. It essentially focuses on streaming cartoons that are now not available on tv. 

Cartoon Network shows a huge list of shows such as Super Hero, Shark Tale, Atomic Betty, Super Friends. All the shows are divided on the bases of popular, old, new and many more.

The biggest drawback is the infinite advertisements that disturb the viewing of the cartoon series.



Disney Now allows its users to explore from their unlimited options of shows and movies. The website offers new series for children and old cartoons like Batman, Family Guy, The Flintstones, etc. All the cartoons are available with subtitles and different languages for everyone to enjoy. The website only demands you to register and clarify your age for safety purpose.



You can easily watch cartoon on Nickelodeon. It is one of the most popular website to watch animes, cartoons, semi-realistic cartoons. With a series of alphabet, users can simply select the cartoon they want to watch. The search bar allows you to find your favourite cartoon without much struggle. 

The website is popular for not sucking up your internet. Without any registration, subscription, Nickelodeon allows you to stream unlimited series and movies for free. One of the most interesting points is that you can watch all the Nickelodeon shows on this website. What more can one demand from a streaming website?



Apart from all the American adult shows, Hulu is also famous for its cartoons and different anime shows. The streaming is high definition for all the users in the world. Unfortunately Hulu is banned is some countries like United States and England. 

However to get Hulu in the restricted areas, one can get a proxy premium account and watch movies and shows in their countries. 

The users who are using Android can easily download Hulu and watch Cartoon and anime shows on their fingertips.


Crunchy Roll is a free movie streaming application that is also offering cartoons and anime series. It is a safe site for kids to watch cartoons without any sponsored advertisements. It has various options like search bar, grid menu, different genres and others to make exploring simple and easy. Apart from the infinite movies and shows, the application is said to be user friendly for users.

Toon Jet

Cartoons like Popeye the sailor man, Noddy, Loney Tunes, classic cartoons and many more are offered by Toon Jet. Toon Jet as a streaming site also offers users a freedom to stream cartoons and animated movies for free without any subscription or login. However, if you are looking for yearly membership, you have to sign in, enter your details and buy the membership for a particular amount. Once you are done with the sign in, you can easily manage your watched cartoons and next recommended for you and your family.



CartoonsOn also known as Disney Junior holds the licence of most of the cartoons. It also allows its users to explore a plethora of cartoons and cartoon movies online for free. Unlike Netflix and YouTube, CartoonsOn is a free streaming website which can be downloaded around the world. It also has rights for Micky Mouse, Tom and Jerry. These cartoons are hardly available on any website or application now. So, now we know where to go to watch our old lovable characters of Disney.

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DC Universe

DC Universe is not something that we need to introduce to our readers. It like its name suggest, offers DC Universe movies and shows for free online. You can sit with your kid and watch cartoons online for free. The quality of the series is high definition and can be played on any screen around the world. However, to enjoy better cartoon movies and series, subscribing is a good option. 

Nick Toons

Nick Toons

Nick Toon has some of the best cartoons and anime under its name including Avatar, Jimmy, Spong Bob pants and many more. To these cartoons and anime, you have to simply login to Nick Toons and watch cartoons for free. A god subscription is also available; however, it does cost a lot. So, we will not really recommend Nick Toons forever watching movies and series.

Anime toon

Anime Toon, as the name suggests, offers hundreds of thousands animated movies of Japan and other countries for free. To watch cartoons online for free, Anime Toon is yet another interesting site. In our childhood, we were not introduced to anime movies and series, thus, this site no only allow us to explore this new world, but also our children. The website also offers user friendly UI. 



Crackle is one of those websites that not only offers a great collection of movies, shows and documentaries, but also allow us to explore cartoons, anime movies and series for free

Crackle asks users to accept the terms and conditions, which are of course mandatory, but otherwise, it is user friendly. You can of course sign in and be a premium member of Crackle. However, if you want to try new cartoons and series, you can always go for free. You can also look for new releases easily. 


Not to mention, Disney is like an alternate reality, a place that allows you to live a life of the characters. Today, Disney owns almost all the cartoon characters. So, if you want to watch something that is not available on YouTube or Netflix, you’ll definitely find the series or movie on Disney. Of course, to look into new series or cartoons you need to a get a minimum membership. It will monthly or yearly, as per your convenience.


Unlike other movie streaming applications or websites, CONtv is one website that offers free cartoon watching opportunity on your mobile or on the big screen. It not only showcases cartoons and series, it also gives a full view of American movies and series. So, with your children, you can go for adult shows as well.


These were websites that allow us to watch cartoons online free of cost. In this century, it is amazing to explore new series and movies for free. So, why not explore new websites?

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