Samsung Galaxy Home, Mini Hardware Beta Test

As you may already know that Samsung is in a smart assistant business with Bixby. Those of you who use Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy S10 will know what Bixby is. The company hoped to integrate Bixby into a smart speaker which is called Galaxy Home. The product was announced a year ago but the product hasn’t been launched even now. Now the company has the second model which is called the Galaxy home mini. The company is soon going to carry on with their beta test on the same.

The upcoming Galaxy Home Mini will be first launched in South Korea with a beta test that’s said to be underway there right now. From the name of the product, you can already get the hint that this is a smaller version of Galaxy home which was announced to be launched with Galaxy Note 9 a year ago.

Galaxy Home Mini fans in South Korea can register to join the beta program conducted by the company. If you are interested in the upcoming new model of speaker and a resident of South Korea then you can sign-up the program before registration stops. People who will be approved by Samsung will be able to enjoy the new Galaxy Home Mini before it is launched in the market.

It’s been a year that Galaxy Home was announced to be launched but it is still not available. The reason for the delay is still not clear as the company has completely skipped it. We can only assume that the device had some problem because of which there is a launch in the delay. But then the sudden launch of the Galaxy home mini gives us the idea that the earlier version is never going to be launched.

The surprising thing is that the Galaxy Home Mini beta program is stating before the full-size speakers even ships. The company has announced that the Galaxy Home series will be launched in the ‘mid-second half of the year.’ the company has also said that they are ‘continuing to refine and enhance the product before it launches.” The market for smart speakers is growing at a rapid speed. It is expected that the company faced some sort of problem with the device because which it is delayed. Or else, it is very unlikely of Samsung to do anything like this.

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