New PlayStation 5 Design Looks Insanely Cool

Sony PlayStation is a dream console for all the gamers out there. After th grand success of PlayStation 4, Sony is working on the development of PlayStation 5. According to the company, this is going to be the best every console made by them. They are going to introduce massive upgrades in the upcoming new console. As suggested by new design leaks of the PlayStation 5, the upgrades are going to be more than just internal hardware improvement.

PlayStation 5 Design

According to patent drawings spotted by Lets Go Digital, the new PS5 is designed completely different from the rest of the previous PlayStation models. This is going to be something that you have never seen before. Let’s Go Digital created renders of the new console based on the patent drawings, and if they are anything to go by, the upcoming console is going to look insanely cool.

The renders feature a massive cut-out on the console. It is believed that this is added for additional ventilation. This is something very important for the new PS5 if reports about its raw power is true.

Users can also see a 5 USB ports on the front panel. Not just that but the console also features a bunch of buttons along with two more USB ports on the back. This means users will have a lot of USB options with the new PS5.

Matthew Stott, a reputed game developer who is currently working as a senior artist at Codemasters confirmed in a tweet that:

“the design is, in fact, for the PlayStation 5 development kit.”

There are full chances that this may end up as the final design of the console. However, Stott removed the tweet soon after.

However, the company has not confirmed or announced yet about the upcoming console. Until there is enough information available about the new PS5, you should take this information as a pinch of salt. However, if the leaked design of PS5 turns to be true then it’s going to be a great feeling for all the users. The new design looks insanely cool and it is completely different from what you have seen before. It seems like Sony is trying hard to beat all its competition with this one console. As of now this is what is known of the new upcoming console. Right now all you can do is wait for Sony to announce anything.

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