How to Fix My iPhone Error “This Accessory May Not Be Supported”

This Accessory May Not Be Supported

Error “This Accessory May Not Be Supported” was an iPhone-bricking deficiency that came into power at whatever point a gadget identified that it had been tinkered with by an outsider, apparently to forestall programmers attempting to dodge the security of the TouchID unique mark examining framework.

Nonetheless, numerous individuals revealed that Error This Accessory May Not Be Supported could likewise happen in any event, when fixing or supplanting iPhone extras of numerous sorts, including things, for example, harmed shows and broken camera units.

This Accessory May Not Be Supported

Steps to Fix iPhone “This Accessory May Not Be Supported.” Error

1. Restart Your iPhone

Your iPhone may be stating “This embellishment may not be upheld” on account of a minor programming glitch. At the point when you plug an adornment into the Lightning port of your iPhone, your iPhone’s product decides if to interface with the frill.

Have a go at restarting your iPhone, which can here and there fix minor programming issues. If you have an iPhone 8 or prior, press and hold the force button, then swipe the force symbol left-to-directly across the showcase. The cycle is comparative for the iPhone X, XS, and XR, aside from your press and hold the Side catch and either volume button until the slide to control off shows up.

Stand by 15-30 seconds, then betray by squeezing and holding the force button (iPhone 8 and prior) or the Side catch (iPhone X and fresher). When your iPhone betrays, take a stab at interfacing with your embellishment once more.

If it works, then a product glitch was causing the issue! If you’re actually seeing the spring up on your iPhone, move onto the following stage.

2. Choose Another Power Supply for Your Device

The power supply a gadget needs may change. So you can attempt a different power supply when the This Accessory May Not Be Supported” error occurs.

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3. Update the iOS

If refreshing the remote does not go well then you can go for a manual update with iTunes on your PC, for that:

Interface your PC to the Wi-Fi or Ethernet then, most importantly, you are needed to refresh your iTunes to the most recent form by visiting (

After that Connect your gadget to the PC or PC > click on iTunes > Then Select your gadget > Go to Summary> Click on ‘Check for updates’ > Click on Download > Update

Also, Enter the password (if any)

Note: From time to time you should continue refreshing your gadget programming. This will keep your iOS gadget alert for unexpected errors, set it up to fix any bug issue, equip it with insurance includes, and stay away from future errors like this.

4. Firmware Issue with iOS

Even subsequent to cleaning the port the issue shows up then it appears as though there is some firmware issue that is causing the error. So to determine the issue of the adornment may not be upheld, an error message here is a speedy stunt that you can follow.

  • For that, most importantly, you are needed to associate your gadget to the charger and power connector to the source.
  • Then, when the error message shows up, simply excuse it and Turn the Airplane mode ON.
  • From that point onward, you need to kill the gadget by squeezing the rest and wake button together till the screen turns dark and a slider shows up. Now, sit tight for a few moments and state 2-3 minutes.
  • Whenever you are done with it, switch ON the gadget by holding down the rest and wake button once more, then, turn flight mode off

Following these means will no doubt settle your frill may not be an upheld issue.

Note: Apple Support

In the wake of experiencing the techniques expressed above, and following each progression cautiously we are certain that the iPhone this frill may not be upheld and error messages won’t show up. In the event that, lamentably, the error message actually continues flicking on the gadget screen, then you can contact the Apple Support group. They are consistently there to help you during a period of scarcity.

5. Perform A DFU Restore On Your iPhone

Albeit improbable, there’s a little possibility a more profound programming issue is making your iPhone state “This adornment may not be upheld.” By playing out a DFU reestablishment, we can wipe out this profound programming issue by totally eradicating it from your iPhone.

At the point when you play out a DFU reestablishment, the entirety of the code on your iPhone gets erased and reloaded back onto your iPhone. For a total walkthrough, look at our guide on playing out a DFU reestablish on your iPhone!

6. Reset Network Settings

“This accessory may not be supported” error might be brought about by an issue with the network settings. The fast and most effortless approach to determine this is to reset your iPhones’ network settings.

Follow these means to reset your iPhones’ network settings:

  • Dispatch Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Now, tap General
  • Next, look down and tap Reset
  • Tap Reset Network Settings
  • When provoked, enter your Passcode to affirm the activity

7. Ensure that Accessory is MFI-Certified

What does MFI implies? MFI implies Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod contact. This implies MFI certified frill is certified to work with Apple Products.

If the outsider link you’re utilizing isn’t MFi-certified, it might cause the “This extra may not be upheld” error. This is on the grounds that the charger does not adjust to Apple’s plan principles

The error commonly springs up following the structure of an association between your iPhone 11 and the power source if the charger isn’t MFI-certified.

Utilization of chargers that are not MFI-certified can cause “this embellishment may not be upheld” error. In addition, it can harm your iPhone 11.

You can utilize several pointers to decide whether your charger is MFI certified: Inspect the cable to build up if it has MFI identification.

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