Latest Core Algorithm Update May 2020 from Google to Provide a Better User Experience During the COVID Outbreak

Google, the most loved search engine company recently released the news of the core algorithm update in May 2020. Their spokesperson Danny Sullivan confirmed this news and announced that it is named “May 2020 Core Update.

This is the second core update after the first one in January 2020. Eoertrs assume that this update is the result of the drastic change in the user search behaviors after the worldwide COVID Pandemic. The core update is linked with google core algorithm. This updates allow Google to offer a better ranking to every page. The main objective of google core update is to make google more SEO-friendly. 

Therefore, as a result, the page rankings can change a lot after this new core update is officially complete. According to the sources of Google, as soon as the COVID epidemic broke, people started searching about the virus and the latest news. People from all around the world searched and are still searching for matters related to COVID.

So, the search pattern has changed a lot. People searching bout provide related information (about the virus, the symptoms, world statics, etc), online shopping of essential items, remote services, and other things related to pandemic. On the other hand, searching for tourism, entertainment, and other events have come down drastically. Hence, It can be assumed that the new update is a way to offer more relevant searched amidst the Corona outbreak.

What will be the Effect on the Page Ranking?

If this update is regarding the recent search trends then it will make a dramatic change in the page ranking system. If some content has become more relevant in recent times then its page will move higher in the ranking system. If there is any new contact matching the recent search behavior then it will get a prominent place, alternatively, things that are less searched can move a content downwards if not in demand.

The Future About the Update

Google updates are not always a hit. For example, the September 2019 update was not so great according to many SEO experts. They exclaimed that this course update did not change a lot of things in the algorithm.

But this new algorithm comes in a different situation. So, if this algorithm update is a success then it will make a drastic change in the SEO industry. The more volatile and drastic updates, the more demand for SEO services. Most of the industries have started to release their employees due to the global economic disaster. But, on the other hand, the SEO industry can flourish with this new update. The update can cause a surge in demand for SEO services from companies and brands who want a better page ranking after the new update is complete.

What Google Claims

Google claims that the update is not a way to repair or change the page ranking system. It just offers a better user experience to people based on their searches. But, Google still asks the web page holders to update their content to their top quality for a higher page ranking. So, companies need to continue their regular work in SEO to maintain a sustainable page ranking. In a nutshell, web pages should make their pages and their contents in such a way that it offers information to every query on google. Till now the release of the update is only known. The situation will be clear after the update is released.

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