Google Assistant is Still Smarter than Siri and Alexa: Expert Study

We are all aware of the existing virtual assistants that includes Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. All the three virtual assistants are quite efficient in their performance. Some of us prefer Google Assistant while others feel that Siri is better. Now the main question is which one is actually better or smarter?

Google Assistant

Recently Loop Ventures have conducted a study on all the three virtual assistants which has given us some useful insights. From the study results, we get to know that Amazon’s Alexa is not as smart as you think it to be.

The study was conducted by asking 800 questions each to all the three virtual assistants. According to the results, Google could answer 93% of the questions correctly which is the highest. As far as Siri is concerned it answered 83% of questions right and Alexa could answer 80% of the questions. The same study was conducted last year as well. If we compare this year’s result with last year’s performance, we can see a huge improvement shown by Google Assistant. Last year, it could answer only 86% whereas Siri managed to score 79%. But Alexa’s performance was really poor with only 61%.

Query Result

The grading system was based on two of the main metrics. The first metric represented if the digital assistant was able to understand the question while the second metric represented if the response provided by the digital assistant was correct and satisfactory.

There were total 5 categories in which the questions were asked. This include Commerce, Local, Navigation, Command and Information. In the local category questions like nearby locations were asked. Commerce category included ordering products. On the other navigation included route to certain destinations. Commands included daily commands which are commonly asked by users like setting a reminder or alarm. Information included general queries.

Question by category

According to the results, Google Assistant scored the highest in the local category. This was pretty obvious as it has a seamless integration with its own services like Google Maps and Google search. Other than that Google Assistant also showed very good performance in the commerce and navigation category. However, in the command category, Siri proved to be the best.

LoupVentures have stated:

“The number of customers making purchases through voice commands is much low.”

They also said that most people ask commerce related queries in order to gain more knowledge and details about a product than to buy it.

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