Best Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up 2020- Legit Free Movie Streaming Online

Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up 2020 – One of the great ways to spend your leisure time this year is by streaming some of those new-releases for free online. Almost every month, you’ll find new movies and Tv shows coming up online, however many of these shows and movies are not available in some areas of the world due to strict release rules and regulations. Besides, there are people who do not want to spend their money on those hefty ticket prices. In such a case, one of the best options is to stream movies online for free.

Free Movie Streaming Sites

As you all know Netflix and Amazon Prime are two streaming portals that provide premium quality and a plethora of entertainment. However, nothing comes for free. Netflix and Amazon Prime offer entertainment only after subscribing to a good amount. 

If you are looking for something free of cost, you have an option of free streaming applications and websites available online. Besides, there are few streaming sites that do not charge and ask for sign up or registration. Free and legit movie streaming sites no sign up 2020 are available online easily. Without paying a penny, you can easily download or stream content on your device. Let’s check out some of these websites and applications.

12 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up 2020

The movie streaming websites listed below are free and simple to use. However, it is possible that they might not be available in some countries. We have mentioned a list of movie streaming websites that can be used as an alternative for the other. All the websites offer you similar kinds of content, thus it shouldn’t difficult for you to find a particular movie or show. Let’s walk through the websites and their exclusive offers.

1. is a website that has a curated list of movies that you might not find on any other website or application, majorly due to, it’s promising content including documentaries, short films, and biographies. These especial films are published on for free for aspiring directors, producers, and actors. 

Apart from documentaries and short films, the websites also offer heavy entertainment content including recent Hollywood and Bollywood movies and tv serials. However, please prepare a strong Wi-Fi connection as it demands a strong internet connection to stream or download content. The website also allows you to stream HD or 4K quality online. It is a great website to spend your leisure time on.


For users who want to stream a movie or show on the go can easily operate Yify allows easy access, simple to understand user interface and a lot of content to stream. Yify Tv has almost all the movies and series that are not available on other websites for free. Unfortunately, Yify Tv is not ad-free, thus you might end up using an ad blocker, lest you are alright watching long advertisements while streaming your favorite content.


Most of the people are frustrated with the searching application for a particular movie or show for free. It gets exhausting after a point of time to search that particular movie over the internet. Thus, offers an easy-to-use user interface and a reliable downloading system. Apart from using extra internet, the website also sponsors advertisements causing a break in streaming.

Besides the Hollywood and Bollywood movies, the website also streams shows of history tv, national geographic, discovery channel, and more. Users can easily find an array of movies and shows on It is a free and legit movie streaming website available in most of the countries.

4. is a one-stop-shop to watch free movies online. No struggle to sign in or create your own selection list of movies and shows; you can simply go on the site and search for the content you are looking for and you are good to go. Unlike other websites, you can also watch soap operas and documentaries for free. It eases your search process by giving you a simple user interface.

5. FZMovies.Net is a classic example of free movie streaming sites no signup. If you are streaming old Hollywood and Bollywood movies, is an amazing choice. What makes it different from other movie streaming sites is its filter option. The movies are arranged according to the genre, time of production, country of production, popularity, and actors/actresses. What more can one demand from a movie streaming website

6. Vumoo


Apart from being one of the most popular streaming sites available online, it also provides premium-grade entertainment content for free. Indisputably, Vumoo offers approximately 60 thousand movies, tv shows, and many more short movies and documentaries. The filter button is well-organized for everyone for example; you can easily search movies on the basis of its genre, popularity, year of release, and the most watch movies or shows of the year.

7. Movie Ninja

If you want to watch free movies online, Movie Ninja can be your bae. It is an ad-free movie streaming website available easily in all the countries. Movie Ninja is known for its movie selection and streaming quality. The content available online differs in the way that Movie Ninja also includes those small scale movies or documentaries made by young aspiring directors and producers, giving them an opportunity to fulfill their desire to be known in the world of entertainment. As a viewer, you can simply rank the show or movie as per your liking and leave a review of the next viewer.

8. C Movies HD

C Movies HD might not be the best ads free movie streaming website available today, but it definitely allows you to search the rarest of rarest movies online for free. It indexes movie links of movies from other streaming websites like Hulu, 123movies, solar movie, Fmovies and many more to name. So you can decide which resolution are you going to go for with the movie links. 

9. Crackle


Crackle is a content-rich movie streaming site that is quite popular in the world of movie lovers. Crackle is a free and legit movie streaming website that has some of the best movie content available online. It follows the rule of providing free content in HD quality. It hosts its content on its servers, thus making it one of the fastest movie streaming websites online. What makes it legit and trusted is that it was owned by Sony Picture Entertainment. The best part is that the website does not ask you to register or sign up before selecting for favorite content. However, if you want to sign up you can easily do it in five steps and you are good to go.

10. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is a popular movie streaming website. It is popularly known for its simple user interface and HD quality videos. The website is quite reliable and trusted amongst the users. It is free and never asks you to sign up or register before selecting your content to watch. Besides, its easy user interface, PopcornFlix has one of the biggest libraries available. The movies are divided into different categories like adventure, horror, romcom, drama, Sci-Fi, and many more to look into.



Contv has won the hearts of many. It is a movie streaming website that allows you to find Hollywood and Bollywood movies easily. Apart from Hollywood and Bollywood movies, it also features anime movies and shows. So if you are a big fan of Japanese anime movies, you will love Contv. Contv is a free movie streaming site with no signup, it does not require filling up a form beforehand. Just enter the website and get lost into the world of free movies and shows.

12. Cartoon Network


Cartoon Network, as the name suggests, streams cartoon. There are some of the oldest cartoons available on Cartoon Network which can be enjoyed by any age group. You may or may not want to subscribe to Cartoon Network; still, the website will provide you high-quality content for free.


These were a few interesting free movie streaming websites available online. You can select according to your choice and enjoy leisure time spending on streaming free movies and shows. Apart from these movies streaming websites, there is some premium movie streaming websites that offer free content with also an option to go premium subscriber. Some of these websites are Hotstar, YouTube, The internet archive, Crackle, Retrovision, Pluto Tv, and many more to name. 

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