Top 7 Indian Web Series to Include in Your Must-Use List

Web series is quite popular among the young generation nowadays and it has also won the hearts of the viewers of different ages. The main reason behind this popularity is the content of these web series. The Indian web series has shown the outstanding variation in content. From thriller to comedy, social content to drama, one can find web series for everyone on websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, etc. Now, there are already certain web series that has got enough appreciation from the viewers. People watch and re-watch those whenever they get time.

Now, there are several upcoming web series that are waiting for trying their fate to the viewers. Such a web series is expected to break all the records of popularity and will be a super hit. Today, we will discuss the Indian web series that you can watch on famous Streaming websites and get entertained. Read on to know more:

7 Indian Web Series on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, ZEE5 and MX Player to Look Forward to

1. KAALI 2 – ZEE5

Have you watched the famous web series ‘Kaali’ that was released in 2018? It was based on the enticing story of a mother who can go to any further for the sake of her child. There is good news for the fans of this web series as the second season of it is on the way to release very soon. This season is going to be more intense, packed with thrill and action, a fearlessness of the protagonist, and the courage and selflessness of a mother.

The viewers can see Paoli Dam in the leading role like before. It is expected that this season will talk about womanhood and celebrating the power of women. Besides Paoli, this series also casts Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rahul Bannerjee, Vidya Maldave, and Abhisekh Bannerjee in this Rohan Ghosh and Aritra Sen directed web series. It released on May 29. The nail-biting adventure of a mother is worthy to watch.


Not only the common spectators but also the top celebrities are fans of web series. Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bacchan were seen to applaud the trailer of the second season of this web series. So, it is expected that this season will be edgier and more promising than the first one. This series stars Esha Gupta, Masi Wali, Sumeet Vyas, Pooja Shetty, Anisha Victor, Tanvi Shinde along with lots of other star casts. 

The story revolves around a murder mystery in Jefferson World School where Esha Gupta comes to investigate the murder as the senior officer. The storyline proceeds when all the characters try to hide some dark secrets that are the keys to the incident. This nail-biting tension is expected to be maintained until the last episode of the series. Onwards 14th May, the viewers can watch it on Zee 5.


Are you quite disappointed with Indian horror movies? Especially, the zombie movies are pathetic to watch, isn’t it? No more such dissatisfaction as you can try this brand new, spine-chilling web series to watch next. Produced by Shah Rukh Khan, this web series will be released under Red Chillies Entertainment. The trailer is looking quite promising from its trailer. Though the zombie genre is not well-established in Bollywood, this web series has raised the curiosity of the viewers already with the trailer. It is starring Vineet Kumar, Suchitra Pillai, Ahana Kumra, Jitendra Joshi, and so on. 

The story of this series tells about a tale where a battalion of the army was fighting an age-old battle for centuries where the old British soldiers have turned into zombies and unfold an age-old curse. From May 24, the series is rocking the Netflix.


From the name of the series, it is clear that the series is a horror-comedy. Already, the trailer has raised the bar of expectation of the viewers who are particular fans of this kind of genre. Besides, Sumit Vyas in the lead role will grab the attention of many viewers. It is expected that he will play the role of Dilawar Rana with excellence where he inherits his family hotel to run the business successfully. The hotel is rumored to be haunted so he uses this phenomenon to market his hotel where the boarders can experience the best haunting experience.

It was released on May 14 and your queries are answered about whether he becomes successful with his plan or the ghosts will not cooperate with him. You can watch the show on MX Player.


Produced by the famous Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Films, this crime thriller is coming to win millions of hearts with its dark story. Based on a crime-thriller, written by Sudip Sharma, this show brings out the dark sides of characters which are the reasons for crimes, lies, and violence. You can watch this nerve-wracking web series from May 15 on Amazon Prime. This neo-noir crime series cast Abhishek Bannerjee, Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, etc.


While listing the best Indian web series, we can’t miss ‘The Family Man’. There are already two seasons on Amazon Prime and this thriller-based story has again proved the acting excellence of Manoj Bajpayee. The combination of real-life struggles while maintaining the job of an agent has been portrayed wonderfully. Besides that, the sequence of chasing terrorists, interrogations, etc. has set a bar of the show. If you want to watch one of the best web series of the present time, you can watch it now


To culminate the list of the best upcoming web series, there is nothing better than ‘Loser’. It is a Telegu sports drama that you can enjoy if you watch the subbed or dubbed version. The story of this web series is all about three sportspersons and their lives. The exciting thing about this web series is the parallel storyline that runs through different times. One sportsperson is the air rifle shooter of 2000 while another story is based on the life of a cricketer of 1985. Another story is based on the aspiring badminton player in 1990. All these stories show the struggles, dreams, and rise of the players to success. There is also a political side that tells about the impact of sports politics on the lives of the sportspersons. The weaving of the plot is wonderful and it casts Telegu actors like Priyodarshi Pulikonda, Kalpika Ganesh, Annie, Sayaji Shinde, etc.

This show is available on Zee5. Enjoy the show when you are at your leisure.

Final Words

So, here are some of the best Indian web series that will woo you at once. You must have noticed that all these web series are based on different content and that is the USP of these series. Viewers won’t get bored ever and they can switch at once from one series to another so that they can watch varieties of series to change their mood. Besides this, the popularity of web series is so overwhelming that it attracts the top celebrities of the country to invest in those. Here we get the big names like Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, etc. We also have watched the phenomenal work of Saif Ali Khan in ‘The Sacred Games’. Hopefully, web series is the changing face of entertainment in recent times and the future.