Apple’s Next Gen iPhones to Be Revealed on September 10 th

Apple is going to hold it hardware keynote address on the 10th of next month. It is a very important day for Apple as they have a plate full of announcements to make on that very day. One of the main highlights of the day is the introduction of the 2019 series of iPhones.

These days it’s very unlikely that any one would consider Apple to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of smartphones. But the company’s invitation seems to disagree as it proudly announces “by innovation only.” that day the company is going to reveal three of its iPhone models at the event with assumed iPhone 11 branding. These new iPhones are assumed to replace the current iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max. According to sources, two of the upcoming models will be called iPhone Pro.

Apple’s Next Gen iPhones

It is expected that the 6.1 inch iPhone XR successor will have dual cameras on the rear. The upcoming iPhone Pro models are expected to have triple rear cameras. Other features will include reverse wireless charging, slightly larger batteries, faster Face ID and new finishes and colours for the smartphones. All the upcoming iPhones are going to be powered by the new Apple A13 SoC.

If you take note of the features, there isn’t really anything innovative about the phones. We have already seen and used these features in phones by other brands. The worst of all these new phones will not even have 5G connectivity. The big switch isn’t going to happen until 2020.

There will be other products as well at the event. This include a refreshed version of the Apple watch series 4. As of now there is no news or rumours on the all-new series 5. However, according to recent leaks, Apple is going to extend the series 4 with titanium and ceramic finishes as an option.

Other gadgets that you will get to see at the event include a refreshed iPad Pro family. Even these will be powered by the new Apple A13X SoC and will also be equipped with dual or triple cameras. There is also a very good chance that Apple might show off its rumoured MacBook Pro flagship model. However, both MacBook Pro and IPad Pro is likely to get their separate events in October. Now all you need to do is wait for the event next month.

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